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Archangel Metatron – The Angel Of Life

Archangel Metatron


You have a heavenly support team that comprises of Archangels, and previous spiritual masters that walked the earth who was considered perfect. You also have spirit guides and loved ones who walk with you in spirit. These beings hear the prayers that are sent through the network of the heart and connect you to your creator, God. When you call on a specific spiritual master or archangel, such as Archangel Metatron, you are seeking for them to assist directly through using their gifts.


The archangels use their specific gifts to advocate for you to God, the creator. They also negotiate and petition so that your heart’s desires come true. Each archangel specializes in one thing, but they work in conjunction with all other archangels to ensure you live the most wholesome life.

The archangels do not tire as their only agenda in their lifetime is to assist and guide humanity. They have special powers as they can be in two places at once without slaking on either place. The archangels may manifest differently to everyone, depending on what they are seeking help with. Archangel Metatron manifests through flashes of light. He reveals himself through green and purple energy.


Archangel Metatron: Insight

Archangel Metatron is mentioned in Judeo- Islamic and Christian mysticism mythology. The name Metatron is mentioned in the Torah. In Islamic tradition, he is known as Mitatrush, which means the Angel of the Veil. Metatron archangel is a powerful archangel who is full of immense spiritual fire, wisdom, and divine light. He is believed to have been involved in creating the sacred geometry of the cosmic systems.

Archangel Metatron, as a result, holds the template of the matrix. This implies that he holds the blueprint for living a conscious life. He can support you by making this template accessible through resonance, which will tune you to the rightful frequency. Due to archangel Metatron’s intricate connection to the geometric establishment of the cosmos, seeing these geometric forms are a sign that he is revealing himself to you.


Archangel Metatron urges you to change your thoughts. You should shift them from negative to positive. He reveals to you how negative thoughts prevent you from living a full life. Instead, you could easily end up stuck in a toxic cycle in life. You should, therefore, make an intentional effort in tuning out negativity. Metatron archangel assists you to select your thoughts carefully. As such, you will learn to master your thoughts instead of being their slave. After self-mastery, you will manage to remain inspired, focused, and maintain positive thoughts.


The Power Metatron Holds

Metatron is also the Angel of Life. That means he can guide as you search the Akashi records so that you uncover past soul wisdom and future guidance. Through Metatron archangel, you should be able to unravel future timelines and predict what it holds in specific areas of your life. Such knowledge should help you align to the right life path that complements your soul journey. Metatron archangel helps you to heal from past traumas of parallel incarnations. Thus, you will find peace and lead a comfortable life devoid of pain and self-condemnation.

Archangel Metatron, through his guidance, can help you come to an awareness that will lead you to make positive changes. As a result, you will be able to adjust your life’s trajectory for the better.

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron vibrates at a high frequency. As such, he may reveal himself when you are in an intensely meditative state. He downloads spiritual revelations in your mind that you unpack on your own. You should elevate your frequency through meditation as it will set your mind above common understanding. Such a practice will tune you to an elevated perspective of divine love, which will help you embody your divine truth and leave you under the complete guidance of Metatron archangel.

The Roles Archangel Metatron Plays in Our Lives

Archangel Metatron links heaven and earth as he once walked the earth as a human being. He had immense knowledge about heaven and earth and was so powerful that once he died, the Creator gave him the rank of archangel. He particularly helps you to release any burdens that hold you back and link you to heaven. When you call on him, he will guide you towards realizing situations and choices that have been burdening you. However, you have to choose to let them go so that you manifest abundance in your life.

Archangel Metatron communicates to you through feelings, and thought patterns that lead you to great things in your life. Metatron archangel’s guidance leads you to unlock higher levels of connecting with the divine realm. This archangel facilitates activation of the crown chakra so that you tap into divine communication and get to make sense of his revelations.

One of the most significant gifts by Metatron archangel is the Merkaba star, which is the Metatron symbol. It is an intricate geometric symbol seen in the cosmos. It bears a multidimensional holder of knowledge and wisdom that surpasses time. Each dimension reveals different levels of knowledge, understanding, and healing. You should, therefore, use the Merkaba for your own healing and as a guide as you learn about the hidden knowledge in the cosmos.

Archangel Metatron: Conclusion

This archangel manifests through flashes of bright light. You should be keen to notice whenever Metatron is visiting you. He has a fiery presence that is in the form of a colorful aura. His aura manifests as deep pink and dark green. When he manifests, you should harness his gifts towards your own healing. Allow his light to wash over you and cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and patterns.

The Merkaba cube spins very swiftly, and the spinning energy is one of the ways, archangel Metatron helps cleanse your energy. You should not fear when you see or experience the Merkaba.

Metatron archangel assists you to open up your heart in order to experience the divine light. He activates your pillar of light. As such, you should experience a surge of a bright orb of divine light that shines upon you like a spotlight. The bright orb of light shines through your crown, heart, abdomen, and anchors you to the ground. Once you experience this awakening, you should be able to be of service to humanity as you walk on your life path.

When you work with archangel Metatron, you should feel courageous enough to live in your truth. You should experience a calming serenity and ease in case you were struggling before. You should enjoy the peace and tranquility of connecting to your inner light and live a life full of love. The violet flame helps you to let go of negativity; as a result, you will be able to align with your soul truth.

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