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Guide Yourself To A Better Future

Tips for a Better Future

Maybe you think free spins on the zodiac slot will make you happy, or you are hoping that the welcome cash voucher will lead to a million-dollar win. While a welcome voucher might get you a few free spins on that zodiac slot, there are a lot of other great ways to live happily and have a better future.

Stress Less

Statistic Brain states that about 77% of people experience stress which is costing employers over $300 billion in time off. For starters, decrease the stress in your life by unplugging from heavy tech usage. By turning off the news, you can block out the negative reports on violent killings, death, and war threats. Then turn off your phone and tablet. When you break away from technology it can help you to rest your eyes and more importantly to unwind.

Not only is your phone being on causing stress from having to answer text messages and emails, but people are communicating with their jobs more even when they’re not working. While you think you’re just helping someone find an important document, for example, you’re taking away from your downtime which is so important.


An additional problem with phones is that because people don’t turn them off at night, the body isn’t falling into a deep sleep. REM sleep is the deepest sleep that can help with cell regeneration. This usually occurs at about 2 a.m., or halfway through your sleep cycle, but if your phone is vibrating, you are not getting into a deep sleep and cannot function properly.

Another area where stress can increase is with your finances. By reducing your debts, this can help you to feel better about your money and spending habits. Look for an inspiring app, sign up for business news, get a part-time job, listen to music tapes, cut cable costs, and sell unwanted stuff.


To help you stress less: Take yoga, exercise, head to the gym for a good workout, take meditation classes, start breathing exercises, bike, walk, and have your blood pressure checked regularly.

Better Future

Relax More with Friends

Purdue University completed a study that showed that long-term relationships can help people relax and unwind more because they have a shared history. When you have a group of friends from college or work, it can help you to relax and you don’t even have to live in the same town.


The benefits of being around friends and family are amazing. Just by hugging and touching people, the sense of touch can help you increase your life span. People who are touched live longer and are happier.

By having time with friends, whether it’s for a reunion, a shared vacation, or just Skype FaceTime, you’re releasing good endorphins in your body through laughter. Endorphins are chemicals that are usually released with exercise.

Fuel Yourself

There are stress relievers that we can ingest that can help to release feel-good hormones. These can come from flavonoids. Psychology Today states that flavonoids are a great way to help fuel your body as they have mood-enhancing properties. There’s a salutary power that can help lighten a person’s mood in the same way an antioxidant can help fight off sickness. You can find flavonoids in apples, chocolate, green tea, pomegranates, red wine, chamomile tea, and walnuts.

To help you find ways to fuel yourself on the go: Consider stopping in a juice store during your lunch hour, buy a juicer for your home and make juices yourself, make protein shakes, and add mixed fruit and veggies tothemt, snack on low-salt nuts to throughout the day.

Better Future

Work on Team You

To help you live a better life, learn to enjoy the one you have. Compliment yourself more, don’t make excuses, forgive others, be helpful and honest, let go of anger, listen, be polite, be flexible, and be proud of yourself.

While you may have thought that you needed the welcome package with the free zodiac spins to make you happy, chances are you just needed a few simple changes like more time with friends, more wine, chocolate, and sex, and less work stress. Just let your boss know you won’t be available this weekend!

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