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Archangel Gabriel – God Is My Strength

Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel is also known as Lord Gabriel. He rules over the Water element. He works on the 2nd ray and presides over the Sephira Yesod. His name means ‘God is my strength.’ The oils that Gabriel resonates with are Jasmine and Camphor. He is also associated with White Lilies, Owls and Wolves, Silver, Pear trees and Weeping Willows, the direction west, and the colors White, Sea Green, and Orange.


Gabriel is known by many names such as the Chief Ambassador of Humanity, Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy, Angel of the Annunciation, Angel of Resurrection, and Angel of Joy and the Spirit Truth, among other names. Gabriel was the angel in the Bible who announced the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that he communicated with Joan of Arc. He is a powerful archangel that has many roles to play in the lives of humanity.

Archangel Gabriel: Insight

Archangel Gabriel teaches us to accept the guidance, support, and assistance from our guardian angels because they mean well for us. We should seek their presence in our lives through meditation, prayer, dreams, and rituals. Gabriel also rules the Base or Sacral Chakra. When this Chakra is active in your life, it will push you towards achieving your highest potential without any worries.


This archangel will help you gain energy that will enable you to pursue your passion with drive and commitment. Gabriel is encouraging you to work on creating healthy personal and professional relationships. He is in charge of humanity, and that is why he works to ensure that we live good lives that will enable us to discover and fulfill our true life purpose.

The Messenger Of God

Gabriel Archangel is the Angel of the Mind. You can call on him when you are having mental problems. He will bring about alternative choices in your life that will enable you to tackle some situations. He will also equip you with the wisdom to make positive choices and decisions. Archangel Gabriel resonates with change, resurrection, discipline, great communication skills, pregnancy, conception, and finding your life purpose and soul mission.


Archangel Gabriel is a messenger of Divine love, guidance, and wisdom that comes from God. He is also the archangel of new beginnings. He assures you that everything will work out for the better in your life so long as you do your part. Work on making your life better, and your angels will give you all the help that you need to forge ahead.

Gabriel is also the Guardian angel of emotions, creativity, and relationships. He will open your eyes to see and appreciate and use the skills and talents you possess to elevate your life and the lives of others. When we are struggling with things such as addiction, sexual immorality, dysfunctional families, and abuse, among other things, he is the angel to call. This is because he will bring stability, peace, guidance, enlightenment, and purification into our lives.


The Roles Archangel Gabriel Plays in Our Lives

Gabriel offers us a chance to work on our spiritual life. He guides our paths and leads us in the right direction that will eventually get us where we want to be. He brings hope, peace, and love into our lives. Gabriel reminds us that God is always watching over us, no matter the challenges that we are going through in life. He plays a major role in heightening our intuition.

Archangel Gabriel plays a major role in women’s health when it comes to matters of conception. He is of great assistance when it comes to childbearing, adoption, child conception, and fertility. He uplifts our spirits when we are low and helps us connect at an intimate level with the Divine realm. God wants us to be in communion with Him. That is why he sends his angels to watch over us and assist us.

Archangel Gabriel

This archangel urges us to be aware of the energies that surround us. We should put these energies into good use so that they bring a sense of fulfillment in our lives. He guides us towards discovering our life purpose and being of service to others. Gabriel brings inspiration into your life as regards your life purpose and soul mission.

Angels of Guidance

Gabriel Archangel is the one in charge of the Angels of Guidance. Their mission is to assist us in understanding our life paths. They work to ensure that we live our lives as God intended. Gabriel also works to bring peace and comfort into the lives of the people who have lost their loved ones.

As regards women, Archangel Gabriel works to ensure that our hormones are working okay. He works to balance our hormones and play a major role in our fertility. Gabriel helps us see the right path that we need to follow. He works to reconnect you with your soul purpose. This archangel helps us to realize our personal truths and helps us in living truthful lives. He urges you to be your own person and live an honest life.

Archangel Gabriel: Conclusion

Archangel Gabriel gives you insight into what your future looks like. He wants you to work hard to bring about happiness, joy, and peace into your life. Gabriel helps us to purify the negative thoughts that we harbor in our minds. He wants us to live a positive life that will bring us closer to God.

This archangel is encouraging you to follow the path that the universe has laid out for you. Do the things that make you happy and work towards seeking spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Gabriel will give you the guidance that you desire when it comes to your spiritual growth. He helps with tapping into the highest spiritual teachers and guides.

Gabriel archangel works with midwives, doctors, and nurses to ensure that childbirth goes smoothly. He is assisted with the angels Armisael and Temeluch. Armisael is the Angel of the Womb, while Temeluch is the Protector of Children. They guide and protect children at birth and during infancy. During birth, Gabriel radiates light and love as he connects the child with a new spirit. While all this is happening, Archangel Azrael is somewhere in the background.

Gabriel Archangel and Fertility

Archangel Gabriel gives courage and strength to parents when they are about to welcome a newborn into the world. He also helps pregnant women to stay calm and positive so that they can create a safe environment for the development and growth of the child in their womb. Gabriel also encourages professionals and content creators not to give up on their passions when things get tough. He is always in the background, working to bring inspiration and motivation into their lives.

Gabriel archangel works closely with Archangel Michael to protect us from all forms of harm. He also works with the Ascended Master of Shambhalla, Paul the Venetian. They enable people to tap into their artistic abilities. Archangel Gabriel has a retreat at Findhorn and another as Mount Shasta, California, in the United States of America.

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