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Color Symbolism Meaning: Higher Emotional Intelligence

Color Symbolism and Significance

What is the meaning of color symbolism? Different colors will symbolize different things. They can be an easy way to give meaning to the things people do in their everyday lives. Using different colors can show emotions. They can make people feel like they have more power. Colors will influence a lot of things in life.


They can affect how people see each other. They will affect how people feel about a product or company. People might be surprised at how color affects them when they think about it. Every color has a different, distinct meaning.


Black Color Meaning

The color Black is not a color itself but the presence of no color. Black, along with white, will symbolize opposites. The color will absorb every aspect of light. It will conceal things. Black can symbolize fear or things that are a threat. It can be connected to a thing that is hidden or not known.


Black will represent force. Black is associated with feeling formal, dignified, and stable. It is a conventional color that symbolizes tolerance for nothing. The color black is associated with the planets Saturn and Pluto. Capricorn and Scorpio are the zodiac signs of the color black. It can be connected to the numbers zero and eight. Using the color black is good for feeling stable and protected and for correcting misconceptions.

Color Spiritual Meaning

What does color symbolism mean spiritually? First, it would be excellent to learn to relate well and work with others to boost your achievements in life. We are important to each other to make the world a better place. Thus it would help if you found more ways to manage your emotions as well as understand the influence and feelings of others.

The meaning of color symbolism reminds you to pray to God to access resounding emotional control. Indeed as you become more spiritually active, you become more self-aware and more innovative with greater achievements. Moreover, as you grow emotionally, you will experience peace and breed durable and successful relationships.


The spiritual significance of color symbolism shows that no one is born emotionally stable but is a skill to learn, develop, and enhance to better our lives. Thus it is not too late, nor too early, to keep upgrading your emotional intelligence. Try to identify and understand your emotions and how it impacts others. Indeed, as you become more aware of your emotions and triggers, you can better control your life.

Color Symbolism Dream Meaning

What does color symbolize? Having a higher emotional intelligence will boost your confidence, and decision-making and enhance communication. Moreover, you will be able to self-regulate by keeping disruptive feelings and impulses under control. For instance, you can take a deep breath intense situation to remain calm and reflect before speaking.

The colorless color symbol meaning implies that it would be wise to maintain a more positive outlook and become adaptable to various situations. Learn to contain any negative emotions because they tend to affect those around you too. Besides, you need to read the emotions of others and be more empathetic. Try to see and feel from the other person’s perspective.

Color Symbol Power Meaning

It shows that as you work on your feelings, they will boost your social life too. You will be able to relate well with others, resolve conflicts, influence and inspire others. So start small as you work towards being an emotionally intelligent guru. However, do not aim for perfection but do your best as you make greater strides ahead.

Surround yourself with emotionally intelligent people and learn some skills to reinforce your self-awareness. Ask a trusted friend or your loved ones to give you feedback on how you are fair with emotional growth. Indeed receiving honest and constructive feedback will help you become more self-aware.

color symbolism

The color blue symbolizes feeling open and independent. Blue can represent distance. Artists like to use the color blue to show perspective. It is associated with spaces that are wide and open. People use blue to encourage their imagination and to inspire them. The color will make people feel more sensitive. The planet Jupiter is associated with the color blue.

What does color number signify

Blue has the zodiac sign Sagittarius connected to it. Blue is connecting to the number five. The color blue is used for repairing the body’s organs that are responsible for the senses. Blue can help people find balance and be better at expressing their true selves. It will help people communicate.

Green– The color green is very connected to spring. Spring is when all the young plants begin to grow and bloom again. Green will represent youth and nature, development, and health. Green is connected to feeling sentimental and a sense of adventure. The planets Venus and Earth are connected with the color green. Taurus and Libra are its zodiac signs. Its numbers are four and six. The color green is good for encouraging feelings of compassion and general physical health. Green will help with balance and can represent a sense of order.

Is the Color Black a Sign Of Good Luck?

IndigoThe color indigo is similar to the color blue. However, indigo has very deep energy. Indigo can be somewhat mysterious and associated with the unseen depths of the oceans. Indigo can be persuasive, pervasive, and expressive. It is connecting with emotion and being fluid and strong. The planets Saturn and Neptune are associated with indigo.

Capricorn and Pisces are its zodiac signs. The color indigo has the numbers five and seven. Indigo is good for giving a clear reason for a purpose. It is used in spiritual healing. Indigo can help people to grow their intuition. It can help people look at things differently. It will help people to focus on their ideas.

What About Orange?

Orange– The color orange is a blend of red and yellow. Orange can be a more subtle version of the traits connecting with the other two colors. It represents being social and content. It is connected to balance, ambition, and intelligence. The planet Mercury is associated with the color orange. Gemini is its zodiac sign. Its numbers are two and four. The color orange is used to help people make decisions. It is good for making people feel more cheerful, confident, and reassuring. It will increase excitement and creative feelings. Orange can make things more interesting and can give some relief when feeling too serious.

Things You Should Know About Color Symbolism

The color red is intense and passionate. Of all the colors, red is the one that is the warmest. It will symbolize fire and blood. It is associated with actions and desires that are primal. Red represents love and pleasure and is vibrant and radiant. The color red is connected to the planet Mars. Aries is its zodiac sign. Its number is one. Red is used to increase energy. It is good for feeling protected and encouraging physical desire.

Violet-The color violet is the color of an old soul. It is associated with feelings of peace and devotion. Violet is connecting with being spiritual and communing. Uranus and the moon are associated with the color violet. Aquarius and Cancer are its zodiac signs. Its numbers are seven and twelve. Violet is used to increasing the feelings of nurture. It will help to balance sensitive emotions and represent good judgment. Also, it can give a sense of mystery or magic. It is good for using imagination in the best way. It can be calming or give energy.

Facts About Color Symbolism

White– The color white is the presence of all colors. White is associated with being clean and pure. It is innocent. It will represent being whole and complete. Mercury and the moon are associated with the color white. Virgo is its zodiac sign. Its numbers are one and six. The color white is good for cleaning, making things clear, and illuminating. It will help to bring order.

Yellow-Yellow gives feelings that are creative and positive. It can represent wisdom. It will make things clear and make people feel protected and intellectual. The sun is associated with the color yellow. Leo is its zodiac sign. Its numbers are one and three. Yellow is to increase confidence and for communicating with others. It is good for helping people recognize their inner ideas. It can make people feel calm if they feel panicky or are nervous or tired. Yellow is good for giving people a boost when they feel burned out on a project. It can help memory and focus.

Color Symbolism Summary

In a nutshell, Color symbolism says that it would help to find ways to manage your emotions as well as understand the influence and feelings of others.