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Atlantis Zodiac

Atlantis Zodiac

It is interesting to see how the most ancient of astrological systems, Atlantis astrology may show your character and personality. It seems that very often in our modern world we are looking at ancient techniques to rediscover the spiritual side of ourselves.

Not only astrology but yoga and meditation are becoming more and more commonly enjoyed. Get an Atlantis Astrology Reading; the uniqueness is a treat and the reading is very accurate.

Atlantis astrology is one of the unique systems that utilize number of the standard calculation systems. While we do have many different systems, most of them have very similar calculations involved. But the less common and therefore less popular systems are also of interest, and the Atlantis system is certainly one of these.

One of the unique factors in the Atlantis astrology system is that it uses 15 zodiac signs while most systems have 12 if they are sun sign based. Atlantis astrology is one of the oldest systems that have been found.

Atlantis was first mentioned in the works of Plato about 355 BC. However, many believe that Atlantis was only a myth although the island nation is still discussed. In literature there are more than 7000 references to the island of Atlantis and many of these authors have discussed the habits and traditions of the Atlanteans.

The island was noted for its great artists and for wisdom, philosophy and intellectual pursuits. Some believe that the inhabitants of Atlantis were technologically advanced and were aware of telepathy.

An Atlantis horoscope reading will let you determine your Atlantis sign. Once you are aware of your sign, you can follow their interpretation of the astrological aspects. This will guide you to knowledge of your life, your work life, how you present yourself, your temperament, and character traits.Atlantis Zodiac

To calculate the Atlantis sign you do require the date, the time, and the location of birth of the individual. While Atlantis astrology reviews most aspects of life its special area is spirituality. The Atlantis reading will show you your heart’s spirit.

We are seeing revival of interest in the spiritual. This certainly means that we will find some folks interested in the Atlantis astrology system as it is a good method of detecting spirituality in an individual. As is so often the case we may not see this for ourselves.The free Atlantis Astrology Reading can be applied to understanding our spiritual needs.

Atlantis Astrology

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