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Auras: How To Read Them

How To Read Auras

Auras surround every living being and some people are said to be able to read auras. Essentially auras are halos or bands of colour that surround a person or animal. The auras come from the fact that people and animals need oxygen to survive. They also generate a large magnetic field which some people are finely attuned to sensing or detecting.


People visit someone who will read their aura just as they would go to a palmist, a tarot card reader, or a tea leaf reader. They want to find out more about their spiritual lives, and their spiritual selves, they want to know what lies in store for them beyond the mundane day-to-day living.


Before going more into the practical aspect of aura readings it is worth noting that both Hinduism and Buddhism believe in auras. In their belief systems, they link the colors seen to a person’s “Kundalini energy” which is essentially their life force. In addition, chakra or energy points also generate color.

So having established that auras exist around living people and indeed animals how does an aura reader carry out their reading?

Reading Auras

Here is a simple as possible explanation on the steps they take to “read” a person’s aura:

1. A person whose aura is being taken stands against a well-lit light-colored wall.


2. The person reading the aura looks at the person against the wall and then tries to focus on a point just at the top of their head. The reader then relaxes their eyes and waits.

3. The aura reader will gradually see specs of color and bands of color. The more psychic and more experienced aura readers will see the most detail.

4. Gradually certain colors or several certain shades will take on a more pronounced effect.

5. The aura viewer then refers to the aura color guide to interpreting the person’s energy bands:-


a) Red is associated is said to be linked to the root chakra and with being grounded and secure but also with passion and sensuality.

b) Orange is linked to the sacral chakra and indicates a person with creativity.

c) Yellow is linked to the solar plexus and indicates a person with confidence and a dynamic personality.

d) Green is linked to the heart and is associated with a person who has unconditional love.

e) Blue is linked to the throat chakra and is associated with verbal expression.

f) Purple is linked to the third eye chakra and is associated with divinity (Godliness), mysticism, and intuitive abilities.

g) Violet is linked to the crown chakra and is associated with peace, idealism, and spiritual wisdom

Aura and Reiki

In the same way Reiki energy healers and palmistry readers can detect blocked energy and potential illnesses it said that expert aura readers can tell if certain aspects of a person’s body are “sick”. This is done by detecting darkened areas within the specific color regions.

Whilst many readers will prefer to go to an expert aura reader there is also a basic way of trying to read your aura as follows:

a) Sit in a dark room facing the wall, noting that it does not have to be pitch black just with the main light off.

b) Put both your hands up in front of your face,  parallel to one another a football width apart.

c) Now look past your hands to the wall in front of you.

d) Move your hands together, then apart, then together several times.

e) As you do the exercise in d) you should notice an energy between the two hands. You may also hopefully observe the light of certain colors. If you don’t keep trying. This is a bit of a trial-and-error thing for the novice!

Another aspect of auras and chakras is that when you are in a public place you will notice a sensation of someone who invades your personal space. What is happening is they are invading your energy field and sometimes when it is done suddenly you feel a sudden jolt or notice the brief sapping in energy. The same goes for when someone overtakes you and you “sense” their energy.

So…next time you catch up with a friend or relative why not try reading each other’s auras? You never know what qualities you may find in one another!

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