Thursday, August 5, 2021

Feng Shui For Health – Balance – Prosperity

Feng Shui For Healthy Lives

Feng Shui is known as one of the oldest natural earth sciences derived from the origins of Taoism and the famous scripture of the Yi Ching, the Book of Changes. For over 2000 years, practitioners have observed, measured, recorded, and analyzed the effect of earthly energies, like the magnetic field aura around our planet as well as the cosmic radiation of the universe.

In conjunction with time as a factor and the change of time, Feng Shui has become a precise analysis of space and time in order to optimize living spaces and timely events. This Chinese metaphysical “near science” is Feng Shui, where “Feng” literally means “wind” and “Shui” means “water” describing the flow of Qi in its Yin to Yang properties over time. In some countries, it is also described as Chinese geomancy.

Knowledge of Feng Shui

Throughout history, the knowledge of Feng Shui has been used by emperors and poor men to achieve health and prosperity. Feng Shui is no religion but more so a system of energy analysis that can add to a higher level of happiness.

If we experience harmony within our immediate environment, we often refer to it as “good Feng Shui” and in those cases, natural elements are in balance. This can be sometimes obvious but more often non-obvious.

Feng Shui Principles

For Feng Shui principles to apply, we integrate exterior and interior information, both affecting our senses. To assist using those principles, a Lo Pan compass allows Feng Shui practitioners to measure orientation and learn about the type of space they are dealing with at a certain time.

Different systems have been developed to achieve a complete diagnosis to form a solid and precise analysis. The Feng Shui Form School looks at the immediate and distant landscape that influences dwellings.

Flying Star System

The Flying Star system analysis interior spaces for their positive and negative properties based on the knowledge of the Bagua, the star combination of mountain and water stars, Yin/Yang Theories as well as the 5 Element Theory with productive, reductive and destructive cycles. In addition, we integrate the Personal Trigram knowledge for each person that lives in a house in order to optimize work and relaxation time for a healthy daily rhythm.

The beauty of Feng Shui is that there are many ways to correct and/or minimize problem areas in order to avoid negative potentials. We don’t claim that Feng Shui will be the answer to your life challenges, but it has proven for many years to reduce inauspiciously and encourage auspicious events.

Even if the spatial and timely harmony of Feng Shui might be 20 – 25 % of your well-being, it can make a tremendous difference in your life and we are more then happy to help you meet this goal.


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