The Tarot Suit Of Pentacles Meanings & Interpretation


Elemental: Earth
Estate: The Third Estate (Merchants, Artisans, Town-dwellers)
Season: Winter
Playing Card Suit: Diamonds


Physical Body, Wealth



The Suit of Pentacles Meaning represent the solid nature of earth and the fundamentals of wealth and prosperity. It deals with all forms of industry, whether the maintenance of home, the pursuit of a career, or the mere shepherding of wealth.

If we are called to take immaterial things and change them into material things, the Suit of Earth will be called on. This suit is also known by various names such as the suit of coins, discs, pentacles, gold, diamonds or cash. This is the fourth suit of the Minor Arcana of the Rider Waite deck and stands for the material aspects of your life.

Positive Traits:

If the Suit of earth is prevalent in your tarot reading, it represents a prevalence of situations in your life centering on health or prosperity. Career and production will be important at this time, including to a lesser degree aspects of education and the building of one’s career, home life, and future security.

But the suit of Earth also deals with the corporeal aspects of our existence. Where the Suit of Water focuses it’s attention on the healing aspect of our health, as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of the same, the Suit of Earth deals with the physical aspects of our health. When the Suit of Earth is speaking on health issues, it will be a foundational and often long-term effect of the same.

Negative Traits:

The negative characteristics of this suit speak about new beginning when you still do not have financial security. Or it might also show your obsession with power, money and fame. You might become possessive about your belongings and weigh everything and everyone in the balance of wealth. This will only lead to unhappiness, stress and anxiety.

Tarot Cards In The Suit Of Pentacles

  • Ace of Pentacles Meaning: Represents beginnings in the path of career, finance, and the presence of extra money
  • Two of Pentacles Meaning: Two balls being juggled, maintained, but with a presence of concentration
  • Three of Pentacles Meaning: A promotion, a first step of success, progress along a path
  • Four of Pentacles Meaning: Stability, but a stability through hoarding and being miserly

  • Five of Pentacles Meaning: A difficult time financially, losses or a set-back, a time of troubles
  • Six of Pentacles Meaning: A time of stabilization, but also gratification and vigilance over what we’ve gained
  • Seven of Pentacles Meaning: Movement, commitment to our ambitions, emotional and spiritual rewards
  • Eight of Pentacles Meaning: Meaningful work, craftsmanship, patient and steady progress and work

  • Nine of Pentacles Meaning: Abundance, financial independence, stability, and the accessibility of luxury
  • Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Achievement, a pinnacle of financial comfort, utter gratification and contentment financially
  • Page of Pentacles Meaning: A message regarding work, a new beginning in career or employment, a new job
  • Knight of Pentacles Meaning: Stubbornness, hard-working, one utterly dedicated to the accomplishment of a task
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  • Queen of Pentacles Meaning: A woman connected to sensuality and earthy in nature. Maternal figure, domestic
  • King of Pentacles Meaning: A man with significant control over his earthly dominion. He has much power, discipline, and control

The Suit Of Pentacles In Images

ace of pentaclestwo of pentaclesthree of pentaclesfour of pentacles
five of pentaclessix of pentaclesseven of pentacles
eight of pentaclesnine of pentaclesten of pentaclespage of pentacles
knight of pentaclesqueen of pentaclesking of pentacles
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