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Hippopotamus Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: The Processing Of Emotions

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

The totem animals, such as the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal, are spiritual guides for our lives. They teach us essential lessons throughout our lives or show up for a specified period to help us get through some current issues. In many ancient cultures, it is believed, that animals have a closer connection to the earth and the spiritual world. But by observing them in nature, we can learn valuable lessons from our lives.


The symbolic meaning of the Hippopotamus is deep emotional understanding and the ability to gracefully process emotions, power, imagination, healing, protection of one´s family, motherly protection, new ideas, and spirit contact.

The hippo’s name means ‘water horse,’ although many million years ago they descended from pigs. A hippopotamus is one of the largest mammals globally, and despite its enormous and bulky body, it can run up to 30km/h. This strong animal teaches us to ground ourselves, especially when it comes to processing emotions. Take a deep breath step back from your instant anger and set it free.


Hippos are sacred animals in many African cultures. They spend most of their time in the water. Water symbolizes the ancient birth of power, creation, and healing. Because of their water connection, hippos are linked with the spiritual and artistic energy of water.

Hippopotamus Associated Traits

Emotional, Powerful, Imaginative, Caring, Idealistic, Grounded, Spiritual, Stable, Practical, Creative, Vocal

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

If the hippopotamus is your power animal, you have a way of connecting the practical with the intuitive. Just like the hippo, which is comfortable on the earth – symbolizing stability, and water – symbolizing spirituality and intuition, you are capable of using these two elements to your advantage. You will gain the best results by living a practical and energetically balanced lifestyle.


Hippo’s body is built in a way that it can almost wholly submerge into the water and still see and hear everything and breathe. Its nostrils and eyes are placed high on their heads. Hippos can stay underwater for around 5 minutes without taking a breath. These qualities show us that it is okay to dive into creative processes or let ourselves go to certain emotions.

If hippo is your animal totem; you can dive into emotions, but continue to see the bigger picture and not get too carried away. Once you have learned how to jump in and out of emotional experiences, you will be well-equipped to see what’s beneath the surface at all times. Your intuition and great stance will demand people to be truthful and respect you.

You might also be capable of lucid dreaming and contacting spirits. These are compelling capabilities. Therefore you must be able to control powerful emotional and creative energies. Don’t worry. The hippo will help you in learning that.


Hippopotamus Symbol

When it comes to health issues, you might experience skin problems. The skin of the hippo is very delicate and thin, and it can quickly overheat in the sun. You should always be cautious when outdoors and still stay well hydrated. Despite its colossal body, the hippo is a herbivore. You could also benefit from a vegetarian diet. It can bring all the energy you need.

Hippos are not particularly sociable animals. Although they live in herds, they do not form social bonds, except for mothers and their babies. They mostly get territorial when in the water. Being such an intuitive and in-depth personality, it’s rare that other opinions can help you in your path.

Nevertheless, you still keep close to your own. The mothers are very protective. They genuinely possess a motherly rage when it comes to protecting the babies. If something hazardous comes towards your way, you are capable of extreme anger.

Hippopotamuss like to develop specific patterns in their movement. They set a most comfortable path and keep using it. This shows it’s good to find what works for you and continue to reach your destination.

Characteristics Of The Hippopotamus

Their mouth can open up to 180 degrees, and they have powerful jaws. A strong jaw symbolizes vocal capabilities – it is easy for you to express yourself, and you have definite ideas. And you are not afraid to talk about them and give your opinion on matters relevant to you.

On the negative side, hippos can also be very tricky and can swing both ways. They expect you to work for a higher purpose and enlightenment and for some people that’s not acceptable.

If a hippo has come into your life, it can mean that you are bored with your current situation. You have a lot of creative power and energy, and you have to stir things up in your life. It is time to find new projects, set goals, and commit to reaching them. You already have developed methods of achieving your goals, so use them to your benefit.

Hippopotamus animal symbolism says that you have to keep dreaming about reaching what you want, to see a clear path. Despite their big size, they are capable of moving gracefully and fast. This symbolizes excellent power, significant growth, and subsequent success.

Hippopotamus Power Animal

Hippos have specially built feet that displace gravity and help them move around easier even with their enormous size. This shows that you have to find a way to manage your greatness. At some times you are significantly ahead of others when it comes to creativity and seeing beyond the surface, but not everyone can keep up with that.

The hippo animal symbol showing up in your life can also mean that you are on defense about certain things. Hippos are mostly territorial in the water, which has the symbolic meaning for emotions, intuition, and dreams. Someone may be crossing your borders. So naturally, you feel the need to protect your desires and passions.

Hippos can also show up when you need guidance for parenting. The only bond that hippos build is between their mother and their children, and they become extremely aggressive when protecting their children. Learn from this and use your motherly instincts. Don’t be afraid of being aggressive, if it’s needed.

Hippopotamus Dream Symbol

If you see a hippo in your dreams, it can mean emotional clarity. It symbolizes that you possess extreme strength and quite an aggressive nature beneath the surface that you are not afraid to use if truly necessary. If you see a group of hippos in your dream, it means you have to escape from the crowd in your daily life. It is time for you to relax and gather all your emotional and creative capabilities.

Seeing a baby hippo symbolizes excellent projects ahead of you- ones that will take a lot of your time but will grow into a grand, big success.

If the hippo is coming at you in your dream or attacking you, it might be a sign that you are experiencing troubles with your work and are afraid about your future.

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal: Conclusion

With its high power, the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal can genuinely teach you valuable lessons about being big and secure in your beliefs. Although their appearance might somewhat seem calm, they are aggressive when necessary. Learn from this and don’t be afraid to express yourself. You have a way of sensing the real emotions and intentions of other people, so use it to your advantage. You will know exactly what to do and then keep up with your path in life.

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