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6 Ways To Get Back At Your Ex

6 Ways To Get Back At Your Ex

Breakups are difficult especially getting over the pain. It is even worse when one person hurt, cheated or betrayed the other person.

It is not uncommon to dream up ways to get revenge.

Let’s take a look at few ways to get back at your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.


#1. Live Your Life Well

They say the best revenge is a life well lived. Of course the best way to get back at an ex is to be happy (especially with your new boyfriend!) But this is no fun without rubbing it in his face!

You also have to get really sexy! And flaunt your body in front of him. Or post sexy pictures on facebook, instagram or twitter – or all of the above – especially with your new beau!


#2. Hook Up With His Or Her Friend

The number one revenge fantasy for people wanting to get back with their ex is sleeping with one of their friends. You can sleep with his or her best friend or his or her brother or sister or maybe even both! You can get hooked up with some one else they hate too!

What better way to piss off your ex than to start dating their worse enemy? Getting together with some one who is better looking than them or has a better job is another great way to make your ex jealous.

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#3. Fake Pregnancy

Another big revenge idea for women is to fake a pregnancy. This one can play out in many different fun ways. You can lure him back and than say ‘gotcha.’ Or just act like you are going to raise the child without him.


Men obviously can’t pull this move but they could lie and say that another woman is having his child. That could really burn your ex girlfriend.

#4. Get Rid Of Their Stuff

Another favorite is to get rid of their stuff. Sell it on ebay – if you do this you can also add a description here too for all to read. You can also give it away or sell it to his friends when doing so be sure to tell them why! Sometimes in the heat of the moment throwing it out a window or in the garbage will do.


#5. Tell All

Another good one is the ‘tell all’ to friends and family. If he or she cheated you or did some other terrible things, you can post about it on face book or twitter. You can make a sign and put it in his front yard or hang it out the window.


There are all kinds of horrible announcements (true or not) that you can put on the Internet or other places. You can also show pictures of her or him to your friends and other strangers.

#6. Make Your Ex Pay

You can spray paint his car or his place (home or work) with the words lying cheating scumbag or worse. Others choose the feel sorry for me route. This can also play out in many different ways: threats of suicide or other harm to yourself. You can also bug the hell out of him by calling him or her a bunch of times or completely ignoring them.

If you do decide to get revenge on your ex, try to take the time to think it through. If not at least get it over with and move on. If he or she hurt you they are not worth you wasting more time on. It is true that the best revenge is to be happy.

Sure it is nice when they are not happy but when you have truly moved on you will even wish for them to be happy too if not for them than for you because you deserve to be happy. Holding onto anger and resentments is no way to live. If you truly want revenge than entertain these fantasies in your head and with your friends but don’t do something you may regret.

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