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Swan Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Swan Animal Totem Symbolism

As is the case with most animals, observing swans in their natural environment is the best way to get some symbolic clues from them. Typically in the water, swans share a lot of symbolism with this element: intuition, fluidity, emotions, and creativity.

The swan as an animal totem is not limited to the water, though. It is quite multi-dimensional in its lifestyle. It lives on the earth, cruises gently across the water, and soars the heights of the air, and it is quite comfortable and confident doing so.

Swans are also quite dreamy creatures and remind us to focus on the dreamier aspects of our own lives. In addition to these general attributes, the elegant swan also brings about ideas of love, romance, grace, beauty, and balance. As a messenger of love, the swan is often invoked in relationships.

They love relationships themselves, in fact. They are a courting species who pair for years, sometimes even a lifetime. When the swan spirit guide drifts into your life, it could be foretelling of a new relationship or reminding you to not take the one you have for granted.

Swan Associated Traits

Love, Romance, Grace, Intuition, Relationships, Balance


Symbolic Meaning Of Swan

Partnership should then be considered one of the main symbolic meanings of the swan. Many cultures have recognized this throughout the ages.

Hindus, for example, referred to the swan’s graces as the Hamsa bird in the Saundarya Lahari text. In this story, two swans pair together and spend their lives swimming around in the depths of the divine mind, living on the knowledge exuding from the lovely lotus flower.

In the ancient Celtic traditions, swans were most discussed in the context of movement. They are a transitory bird with specific migration patterns, like geese. As such, they spoke to the Celts of the changes that occur in one’s intuition: both in one’s mood and in matters of the heart.

Although they are often tied to water and fluidity and, thus, female energies, the Celts also viewed them as solar animals, which are generally masculine. In this regard, they viewed the swan as a binary. On one hand, the solar swan symbolizes the rising sun and a new day while on the other, the moon says farewell to it.

Furthermore, the Celts linked swans to three of their deities, Belanus, Lugh, and Brigid. The latter was a symbol of grace and elegance, making the swan a fitting animal to be connected with her. She was not only beautiful, but eloquent in her poetry and song.

Celtic Animal Birth Sign Reading

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Celtic mythology also states that spirits of the Other world took the form of the swan when they needed to pass through the worlds. Additionally, these spirits were thought to make this journey in pairs, further reinforcing the themes of union and partnership.

The Celts also depicted swans symbolism in their artistry. Specifically, swans were shown in artworks with gold and silver chains around their necks. Gold represented the sun while silver was representative of the moon. This was symbolic of the supernatural energies present on Earth.

When the cosmic forces are in line with the Earthly ones, all can be in proper balance. As the governor of balance, the Celts couldn’t help but feel that the swan had god-like properties to it.

When examining the symbolic meanings of the swan, one must take care to note the differences in color, from youth until a fully-matured adult. The scale ranges from black to grey to white, but the two extremes have the most prominent color symbolism tied to them.

White swans are symbolic of the traditional view of swans and their attributes, such as purity. These swans prompt us to purify ourselves. Black swans, on the other hand, speak of different themes. They indicate the more mysterious aspects of our deeper selves – the parts of ourselves that yearn to express things creatively. Holding with the theme of balance, the swan reminds us to tend to both aspects of our being.

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