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Lotus Flower Meaning: Unique Transformation

Lotus Flower Meaning in Christianity

The lotus flower meaning encourages you to focus on spiritual enlightenment to understand more about nature and future change. In other words, there is still a great opportunity for you to become successful by changing your direction. Your past might not seem okay, but there is the possibility to change and have a beautiful life. Probably, your life can be compared to the beauty of the Lotus flower. Regardless of who you were in the past, do not let someone judge you negatively.


On the other hand, the Lotus flower symbolism represents your rebirth season. There is greatness in your life for taking a spiritual path. Perhaps, it is practical that your life has changed because people now are seeing the goodness behind your work. Everyone wants to associate with you because they see greatness in you. Equally, never lose your hope but be strong enough to change your life and become a better person.


Symbolic Meaning of the Lotus Flower

Flowers are a common tattoo design for women, but they can also look well on men. All flowers have the same basic symbolic meanings of standing for love, beauty, and life. But they also all have their unique meanings as well. This article will discuss the symbolic meaning of the lotus flower.


This flower is highly important in symbolism, as well as in Buddhism. The symbolic meaning of the flower in Buddhism differs slightly from the flower’s general meaning, so both will be discussed.lotus flower meaning

General Lotus Flower Symbol Meaning

There is one big thing that sets the lotus flower’s symbolic meaning apart from many other flowers. This flower grows on top of the water instead of in the ground. This gives the flower a lot of water symbolism. In case you don’t already know, water has many simple aspects to it that lead to complicated symbolism. Water stands for purity, clarity, emotions, and mystery. The lotus flower shares all of these traits, as well as the general traits that all flowers share.


One other interesting fact about the lotus flower symbol is that it can open and close its petals at the beginning and end of each day. This can symbolize an ability to communicate with nature almost. Although flowers cannot talk, we humans can. We can act with nature as the lotus flower does. Although we do not have flower petals to open and close, we can still interact with nature. The lotus flower represents love and life. We can love the earth that we live in, perhaps by planting more flowers, lotus, or other kinds.

Buddhist Lotus Symbolism

The lotus flower is highly important in Buddhism. Oftentimes Buddha is depicted to be sitting on top of a lotus flower. In general, the lotus flower symbolizes purity and life. Of course, the lotus flower comes in many different colors, and all these colors have their special color meanings as well.

Besides, the Lotus flower discusses the benefits of the purity of a person. You should not complicate your life by doing unnecessary things but focus on what needs to be done. Mostly, your good work will motivate someone to become a better person by following your steps. So, you become an inspiration to someone without hope. Notably, someone can recover their hope through the work that you are doing. Thus, do not stop doing the great work that you are focused on.

Red Color Symbolism

Red is a color that usually stands for love and passion, and this is still true when the lotus flower is this color. It is more passion for nature and pure things like committed relationships instead of purely sexual relationships. Compassion, communication, and actions of the mind, body, and heart are other meanings for the red lotus flower.

More so, the red color in the Lotus flower gives you a warning to take another path in life. In other words, it motivates you to change your character and focus on your spiritual life. Equally, what matters now is spiritual enlightenment and acceptance of the change.

Blue Color Meaning

Blue usually stands for peace and tranquility, but it also stands for wisdom as well. The blue lotus flowers tend not to open as much as the other colorful flowers. This represents hidden meanings and mystery. Of course, with the wisdom element in the flowers, the blue lotus can also symbolize finding out and decoding these meanings with our intelligence and the wisdom we have gained from others.

The lotus flower’s symbolic meaning shows the wisdom behind the work you are doing. You are making your work easier by being smart and simple. You are not complicated in any way because you earn whatever you work for. Probably, people are surprised by what you do because of the wisdom you are applying.

Purple Color Symbolism

Purple is a color that stands for mystery, and this is the same in the purple lotus flower as well. Buddhists use the purple lotus to symbolize many important things in their belief system. The more mysterious things, the pathways in the religion, and the things that you need to do to be a good Buddhist are all represented by the purple lotus.

Pink Color Symbolic Meaning

The pink lotus is a lotus of high status. It is often confused for the white lotus in symbolism. This is one of the most important Chinese flowers in Buddhism. Sometimes people judge you according to what you do. So, to avoid their negative judgments, you have to do your work differently. This will give them a hard time understanding who you are in real life. They expect to do your work with their style, but in the end, they become ashamed because you did it differently and become successful.

White Color Symbolism

Lastly, the white lotus stands for what the color white usually symbolizes purity, clarity, perfection, a clear mind, and heart. The white lotus is also said to represent one of the important facets of Buddhism, The Noble Eightfold Path of the Good Law. The white color in the lotus flower is a sign of peace. The peace you have will give you the advantage to do your work perfectly. Equally, let peace prevail by showing love to everyone who is around your surroundings.

Now that you know the symbolic meanings behind the lotus flower, you can better decide if you want one or not. If you already have a lotus tattoo, then you can tell a new interesting story about it. If you want to learn about the symbolism of other flowers or other tattoos, then you can read more articles like this one here on SunSigns.Org.


The lotus flower’s symbolic meaning congratulates you for changing your direction and following your instincts. You are in the right direction because you stick to your inner voice. In other words, you are having fewer problems than in the past because you are doing the right thing. So, be strong to stick to that path always, and you will earn what you deserve. Equally, the beauty in the lotus flower represents your precious life.

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