Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The Devil Upright

Associated Colors:

Gold and Red for principle that is out of control

Meditation For The Devil – Upright

This tarot meditation of the Devil card upright is going to be on the perils of letting the desire for control get out of, well, control. This meditation will focus on megalomania, an obsessive desire for control, and the selfish desire to manipulate those around you. Place the cloth deliberately before you, assure that the candle is centered above the card, and the card is placed properly inverted beneath it.

As you slip into the meditation, let the feeling of having to be in control settle on you, hyper vigilant of your surroundings, and always thinking, scheming, plotting.

You will find yourself in a quiet chamber, in front of a desk. Leaning over the desk is a man in fine clothes, quietly, patiently overlooking a chess board.

He notices you as you enter the room, of course he does, he notices everything. The meticulous layout of the room shows you how carefully he manages his surroundings.

This tarot meditation of the Devil card upright is going to be on the perils of letting the desire for control get out of, well, control. The back of the desk is to a wall, there is no window behind him, the door is directly across from him, the light hangs in the center of the room rather than at his desk so he is at no point blind to the room.

The heraldic display to his right is obviously within reach, and the swords on it are not ornamental. Never unprepared this one.

He takes note of you, but then returns his focus to his game. You notice as you walk up that the people on the desk are not just lifelike, they are alive, and utterly unaware of their manipulator.

He places pieces on the board in patterns that cause emotional hardship, or emotional elation. No tool is beyond his reach, he uses love to accomplish his goals as quickly as hate, the young as easily as the old. Everything he observes is at his command.

But you also notice he has no ring on his finger, no sign of a woman’s touch in the room, and likely, the house. Of course, how could there be? He is not trustworthy himself, so why would he trust others?

He knows how subtle a manipulation can be, and he knows that having loved ones only makes you vulnerable to the machinations of others.

You watch him for a while, his only joy is the outcome of his schemes, and you realize how empty a life he must truly lead. If all your life is spent controlling others and never with allowing another close enough to influence you, then you never get close to anyone at all.

As the meditation ends, think carefully on his room, anything that stood out. Was there a title on a book on a shelf? Was there a label under a statue? Was someone on the board familiar? All these questions and more must be asked. Write your observations down in your journal, and take care not to be this hapless, heartless man.

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