Polar Bear Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Polar Bear Animal Totem Symbolism

The polar bear animal totem is a majestic creature that has perfectly captured humankind’s wonder. The polar bear is an important part of the ecosystem in the North Pole, Canada, and the surrounding areas. This animal seems like a thing straight out of legends and myth, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find out the the Inuit Indians, or Eskimos, have myths that try to explain where the polar bear came from.

The polar bear’s symbolism is made up of three major parts: the myths surrounding the bear, it’s physical features, and the bear’s actions. These things will help to explain the bear’s symbolism, and all will be discussed in this article.

Let’s begin with the mythology surrounding the polar bear. Many tribes of the Native Americans were highly spiritual people, and the Inuit are no exception. These native peoples thought that nearly everything had a soul, or the equivalent to a soul. The Inuit thought that the polar bear spiritual guide had a soul like every other living thing, but they thought that their soul was larger, or more important, than other living things’ souls. This was in part because of the way that the polar bear acts and looks. This bear is extremely large and weighs about half a ton. The polar bear also can take on some human characteristics.

For example, the polar bear animal spirit can walk on its hind legs and they are very protective of their young, just like human mothers. The Inuit people were most enthralled by the bear’s ability to walk like a person. Because the bear did this they thought that the bear could have been a person in bear skin, or could of had a human soul.

Some legends of the polar bear symbol even say that since the polar bear is such a spiritual animal it can help to guide souls to the other side when a person dies. These legends have provided the polar bear with more than enough symbolism to get by.

Polar Bear Associated Traits

Protective, Guide, Motherhood, Survival, Magic, Religious, Cunning, Secrets, Adaptable, Loneliness

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Symbolic Meaning Of Polar Bear

The polar bear animal totem makes a great symbol for magic, religion, humanity, survival, and motherhood. The physical characteristics of the polar bear also add to its symbolism. The color of the polar bear does a great deal for the creature’s symbolism. The color white alone often symbolizes purity and innocence; however, on the polar bear it acts as camouflage, which gives the polar bear symbolism for cunningness, secrecy, wisdom, and hidden meanings.

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However, evolutionists believe that the polar bear wasn’t always white. They think that the polar bear was once brown black. However, this made the bear easy to see. Their predators could see them coming. However, there could have been a genetic mutation that made the polar bear white. The white bears could better hide and surprise their prey. They white bears were more likely to survive and mate. Over time, only white bears were left, making the polar bears we have today. Because of this, the polar bear spiritual totem makes a great symbol for strategy and adaption.

The polar bear animal totem is a large creature that lives in a mostly isolated place. It has no natural predators because it is so large and strong. This gives the polar bear symbolism for strengths and survival again, but also for isolation and loneliness. However, the bear’s isolation makes it seem all the more powerful. Not many other animals could survive in the extremely cold temperatures that the polar bear lives with every day.

As you can see, many different aspects of the polar bear’s life helps to contribute to its symbolism. Yes, some of the polar bear symbolic meanings may seem contradicting, but this is normal in symbolism. Most everything has a dual nature to it, making it an opposite within itself.

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