The Sun – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Sun Meaning In A Tarot Reading

Having come out of the long dark contemplation of night, and seen our way through many challenges, it is time that we come out into the sun. This tarot card represents that victory, that day in the sun.

You know who you are and your place in the world, you are being recognized for your goals and ambitions, and things once confusing are now well understood.

The Sun card from the Rider Waite deck burns away all questions, leaving only well understood answers.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


the sun uprightAt last, you have come into your own! The Sun upright brings you to the recognition you deserve, and the keen light of understanding into your mind. When our day in the sun comes, we are at one of the culminating points of our lives, or at least of our current situation.

Past Events:

You have recently come through a time of recognition and celebration. You have been living in the light of the sun and rejoicing after a long struggle. That moment in the sun has passed, but not the contentment and lessons it brought.

Present Events:

Finally! The parade is out and you are its center! The full light of the sun shines on you and reveals all to you. You have achieved your goal, you are recognized for those things you have done, and this is your day in the sun!

Future Events:

Keep going, keep fighting, you’re almost there! The moment you’ve been long awaiting is just around the corner, and you will finally be receiving the recognition you so richly deserve. You’ve been working hard for this, and you definitely deserve it! Just hang in there!

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The problem with the bright light of the Sun, is it is also uncompromising. Things are made clear, understanding is reached, we may even be recognized for that which we feel we deserve to be recognized.

But there is also a ‘stark reality’ to this light, things may be revealed, but you may not entirely be satisfied with what you see. The good news is that this situation is still positive, but you may have to work a little harder to appreciate it.

the sun reversed

Past Events:

You had finally arrived, you finally made it, but for some reason it just wasn’t as exciting as you hoped. Things were a bit of a letdown, but you’ve moved beyond this time. It’s time to truly count your blessings and appreciate what you have been blessed with.

Present Events:

The phrase “not all it was cracked up to be” may apply here for this card in the reverse position. Maybe you finally got that job you’ve been working so hard to deserve. And you hate it.  Maybe you finally came to truly understand a situation and it’s left you more than a little disheartened and disillusioned.

Either way, it’s important to pay attention to the good in your life and what you’ve gained, don’t discount your work just because the end result wasn’t what you hoped for.

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Future Events:

This is a warning to realign your expectations. The future is coming, and you are due for the success you’ve worked so hard for, but it will not match the vision you’ve had.

Your reality not matching your dreams can be hard, especially when you’ve just reached them, but don’t let the difference take away from everything you’ve accomplished!

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