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The Sun – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Sun Meaning In A Tarot Reading

Having come out of the long dark contemplation of night and seen our way through many challenges, it is time that we come out into the sun. This tarot card represents that victory, that day in the sun.

You know who you are and your place in the world. You are being recognized for your goals and ambitions, and things once confusing are now well understood.


The Sun card from the Rider Waite deck burns away all questions, leaving only well-understood answers.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


the sun uprightAt last, you have come into your own! The Sun upright brings you to the recognition you deserve and the keen light of understanding into your mind. When our day in the sun comes, we are at one of the culminating points of our lives, or at least our current situation.

Past Events:

You have recently come through a time of recognition and celebration. You have been living in the light of the sun and rejoicing after a long struggle. That moment in the sun has passed, but not the contentment and lessons it brought.


Present Events:

Finally! The parade is out, and you are its center! The full light of the sun shines on you and reveals all to you. You have achieved your goal, you are recognized for those things you have done, and this is your day in the sun!

Future Events:

Keep going, keep fighting. You’re almost there! The moment you’ve been long awaiting is just around the corner, and you will finally be receiving the recognition you so richly deserve. You’ve been working hard for this, and you definitely deserve it! Just hang in there!


The Sun Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The problem with the bright light of the Sun is it is also uncompromising. Things are made clear. Understanding is reached. We may even be recognized for that which we feel we deserve to be recognized.

But there is also a ‘stark reality to this light, things may be revealed, but you may not entirely be satisfied with what you see. The good news is that this situation is still positive, but you may have to work a little harder to appreciate it.

the sun reversed

Past Events:

You had finally arrived, you finally made it, but for some reason, it just wasn’t as exciting as you hoped. Things were a bit of a letdown, but you’ve moved beyond this time. It’s time to truly count your blessings and appreciate what you have been blessed with.


Present Events:

The phrase “not all it was cracked up to be” may apply here for this card in the reversed position. Maybe you finally got that job you’ve been working so hard to deserve. And you hate it.  Maybe you finally came to understand a situation truly, and it’s left you more than a little disheartened and disillusioned.

Either way, it’s important to pay attention to the good in your life and what you’ve gained, don’t discount your work just because the result wasn’t what you hoped for.

Future Events:

This is a warning to realign your expectations. The future is coming, and you are due for the success you’ve worked so hard for, but it will not match the vision you’ve had.

Your reality not matching your dreams can be hard, especially when you’ve just reached them, but don’t let the difference take away from everything you’ve accomplished!

Associated Colors:

Gold for the shining light of the sun

Meditation For The Sun – Upright

This tarot meditation of the upright sun card will focus on a decidedly positive part of our lives, our success, the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams, and that moment of recognition. The culmination of our dreams is an important moment, and we should both remember that that day will come if we work for it and appreciate it when it arrives.

Let yourself settle into the meditation with feelings of joy, success, hope realized. Within, you will find yourself on a stage in front of a great crowd of people. They are all cheering, and all lights are on you as you look out on your adoring fans.

A man walks out on stage with a microphone and talks about you, your accomplishments and your goals. He talks about your journey and the work you’ve done.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Sun Upright Card

He talks about how your contribution was important to you and the world in which you live. He talks about how this has been your ambition for many years. How you’ve finally reached that point, and hands you an award in recognition of your efforts.

You thank him and turn to the crowd and begin talking about where it all started and how it was with you through the years when you first realized what you wanted to do. You talk about the struggles, the successes, and the failures on your way to this moment and how you felt along the trip.

Tarot Meditation

The crowd cheers your story, ticker tape strings down from the sky while horns and fanfare are played. This is your moment, and you know in your heart that you have earned every moment of it, every second of grandeur and recognition. The feeling of success wells up from within, of self-satisfaction born from genuinely deserving it for all the effort you put in.

You tell your story through, to the moment you realized you succeeded, to the place you are right now, standing in front of the crowd. You talk about how it feels to have finally reached this place.

What thoughts went through your mind while you were waiting to receive this recognition. Did you think it was all a dream? Did you feel self-assured that you deserved it without question?

As you rise out of the tarot meditation on the sun upright card, think about the story the announcer told and the one you told in return.

Did they match? Were their differences? Often the world perceives our struggles far differently than we ourselves do. Please note those differences and take their lessons into the future, perhaps noting them in your journal.

Associated Colors:

Grey for disappointment

Meditation For The Sun – Reversed

Sometimes we reach the point of culmination in our lives, that moment when we feel like all our hopes and dreams should be achieved, and find that reality doesn’t quite meet our expectations. We have still achieved our success, but the actual details leave us wanting, feeling like the moment isn’t what we thought it would be. This is what the tarot meditation on the reversed sun card shows us.

As you layout the area for meditation, let yourself be overcome with that feeling of an accomplishment no one else quite recognizes, an excitement you can’t seem to share, or a feeling like you were meant for more than this meager success.

As you open your eyes in your meditation, you find yourself in a lab, examining samples. You put in years of school for this, passed grueling tests.

You spent hours agonizing over your resume, desperately wanting to make sure you got into that dream job in this lab. It was where you wanted to work, and on the outside, it all seemed so exciting!

Testing samples, finding diseases, working with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, finding cures! That was all you could think about!

Making that discovery that saved thousands of lives! It would have been so glamorous to be recognized for that.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Sun Reversed Card

Somewhere along the way, you forgot that this also meant processing thousands of samples comparing instances of the disease. You forgot that long before the glory can be reached, there would be dozens of lab techs and scientists going over the same data a hundred times trying to find inconsistencies. And most of all, you forgot that you wouldn’t be the one in the limelight when the discovery was made.

After all, you were processing the results of other people’s research, not doing your own. You had the training to be doing that research, but not yet the experience or certification to respect your peers to attempt it.

In short? You forgot the work that the path to success is a long one and sometimes contained multiple steps. Where you are now is a great place to be, though! You’re at the beginning of a new journey, a new success story.

This isn’t the success you wanted, but you are working in the field you wanted to work in, doing the work you wanted to do, and that’s more than a lot of people can say!

Focus on this concept, the successes of your journey, rather than the let-downs, as you think about the future ahead and where you’re going. You’ve made a long journey, you’ve reached a level of success, even if it isn’t the one you hoped for, and more successes lay ahead!

Record your vision of the future, what you hope for, and how you feel about the character’s successes in the meditation. And remember, every success is worth celebrating and may be a stepping stone.

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