Tiger Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Tiger Animal Totem Symbolism

Slinking through the wild, the mighty tiger is one of the kings of the Earth. In fact, in traditional Chinese culture, it is the tiger animal totem, not the lion, who rules the animal kingdom. It moves through the jungle with agile grace and sensuality, neither seen nor heard.

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Its beauty, size, demeanor, and behavior all make it the perfect animal for spiritual examination and enlightenment. Tigers as spiritual totem symbolize a plethora of bold virtues that are important to human life: royalty, majesty, illumination, protection, guidance, and power.

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It is also sometimes viewed in Asian cultures as the protector of the dead, guarding graves and assuring that those who have passed may rest in peace. They honor the dead and act as a symbol of reverence. Although they are associated with darkness in that regard, tigers are mainly considered to be a solar animal with strong ties to the sun, fire, and the summer season.

As is apparent from above, the tiger symbolism plays its largest role in Asian mythology and mysticism. The Five Asian tigers are unique to this region and serve as governors of the basic elements. The white tiger is the ruler of the autumn season and metals.

The black tiger rules winter and water. The blue tiger governs spring and earth, and the red tiger is in charge of summer and fire. The fifth and final Asian tiger (the yellow) is the supreme commander and is symbolic of the mighty sun.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

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These beautiful cats are noble and diverse, and we can connect deeply with the any and all of our surroundings if we channel their guidance.

Tiger Associated Traits

Royal, Majestic, Sensual, Gracious, Powerful, Stealthy, Persistent, Decisive, Strong-Willed


Symbolic Meaning Of Tiger

If the tiger animal totem has crept into your life, it is reminding you that persistence is always necessary in order to achieve your goals. With persistence must come patience.

The tiger spirit guide reminds us to use the methods that we know are fool proof and to never ease up with our determination. It also lets us know that we need to carefully plan our maneuvers in order to get what we desire.

Often times this will involve navigating through unpleasantness. But as long as we save our energy and fight off procrastination, we can complete the tasks at hand. If we practice moving through life like the tiger, we will undoubtedly succeed.

The Tiger animal totems get on best with those who are supremely confident and fiercely persistent. The tiger is a strong-willed animal and triggers a similar trait in humans. Tiger folk stick to a decision once they’ve made it, but they do take a well-balanced time frame to consider all of their options first.

Like these solitary jungle cats, you probably enjoy quiet and solitude and are acutely observant of everything around you. Independence is a virtue, and it’s nice to be able to rely on having a quiet place to retreat to if things get stressful. Although you tend to blend in smoothly in social situations, the natural charisma that you radiate often draws others to you.

If the graceful tiger symbol comes striding slowly into your dreams, it is embodying your power and ability to exert yourself in a variety of situations. It can give you the courage to take on a leadership role at your place of work or in a project that you are involved in.

In order to achieve your dreams, you must pursue and pounce on the key opportunities. Friendly tiger symbols may exemplify a belief or situation that can erase all your fears or problems, whether in actuality or only in your mind. On the contrary, to be attacked by a tiger refers to repressed emotions that you are afraid of confronting.

However, if the tiger is caged, it signifies that the repressed feelings are on the verge of surfacing. Let them. Set them free and allow yourself to break from the chains of fearful inhibition. The tiger meaning is one of, if not the, most imperial animals of the world, and if you put your faith in it, you will not be led wrong.

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