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Change Symbolism: Controlling Time

Change Symbol Meaning: Benefits of Planning

Change symbolism signifies that happiness is when you discover your purpose and the things you need to prioritize in life. The only security and stability you have in life is change. You must understand that any human can’t avoid change. Therefore, you have to grow as the world changes. Probably, change is something you will live with. Notably, if you cannot manage change then you can’t manage life. Equally, you can use every chance to grow and become someone better than before.


Moreover, change symbolism indicates that you will keep changing your life each day as you accept to be someone better. Life is a series where change is the primary cause. You will be entering a season of drastic changes. Keep in mind that you will consistently change each day. Perhaps, you will learn new things because of the changes happening. Equally, the law of life is change. You live in the present because of change.


Importance of Change Symbolism

Change meaning represents the new things that are happening in your life. Probably, your future will be great because you spend much of your time focusing on who you are. Remember that without change, things could be difficult. In essence, the more you face changes the more you become better. On the other hand, you should study something that will bring positive changes to your life. Notably, how you initiate changes depends on how smart you are.


Change is all around us in every aspect of human and animal life. Another thing that is all around us is symbolism. Change itself is symbolized in many different things. This article will discuss five animals that do a wonderful job of symbolizing change. By symbolizing these animal totems, we can also better understand change as an element in symbolism and change in general.

Butterfly Symbolism

Butterflies are an obvious symbol of change, and by relation, caterpillars are as well. I have discussed the symbolism behind caterpillars and butterflies individually and in more detail in other articles already. The caterpillar symbolizes the change perfectly. It lives its whole life building up to the moment when it will become a butterfly. Some types of caterpillars take years to transition into butterflies.


Butterflies, the completed product of the caterpillar’s transition, also do a great job of symbolizing change. These animals do not seem to fear change but accept and embrace every change. This view on change is something that even humans can learn from. Even if the change is dramatic, it can lead to beautiful things.Change symbolic meaning

Chameleon Animal Totem

The chameleon animal totem is a great symbol of change but for a different reason than the butterfly or caterpillar. While the caterpillar doesn’t have a choice as to whether it becomes a butterfly or not, the chameleon can readily change its color whenever it wants. The chameleon changes its color for many different reasons: survival and protection, because of its mood, and to attract mates.

The chameleon animal guide symbolizes a willingness to change. Sometimes the chameleon changes out of fear, but it also changes to impress. Like the chameleon, people can also change because of fear or want. We should embrace change because of wanting instead of fear. The chameleon also symbolizes many different things.

Moreover, the Chameleon totem indicates that you should change by planning yourself well. What you need to consider is that every change you make will make you a better person in the end. The world will become a better place through changes. So, adjusting to changes is not an option but a priority. Remember that what you experienced today was because of the changes that happened yesterday. Equally, life is a daring adventure that only favors those who accept change.

Frog Symbolic Meaning

According to change symbolic meaning, the frog symbolizes change, much like the caterpillar does. Frogs transition in many different ways as they grow. When the frog is first “born,” it is an egg. It later transitions into a tadpole, and the tadpole later grows a tail. The frog grows a little more and is called a froglet at about twelve weeks old, and then about a month later, it is a fully grown frog. The frog represents a developmental type of change.

Like the frog, people change in stages. It has been shown that babies develop in a specific set of stages. While they may learn things at different times, they tend to learn them in the same order, regardless of culture. We, too, can develop like the frog, slowly and in stages, taking things one step at a time.

Frog meaning indicates that you should change the fact that you are not better. Someone can be better than you because of accepting change. In other words, you should try to change how you do things and transform yourself to become a better person. Sometimes you can control the changes that are taking place in your life by planning yourself before they happen. Equally, it is important to change the way you do things in life. Your responsibility in life is to adjust to change.

Snake Animal Symbol

Snake symbolism indicates that you should prepare for change before it happens. What makes people become victims of change is the lack of planning for themselves. Besides, your instincts will tell you of the changes that are going to happen in your life. So, you should give every chance to your instincts to be able to understand every change. Equally, life is a passage and it is a constant flow of changes, and those who become victors are those who initiate change.

Lastly, the snake changes in yet another way. The snake sheds its skin when it gets too small, dirty, or uncomfortable. They then have a new, fresh layer of skin on their body. They often leave their old skin behind, making it look like a hollow shadow of themselves.

This symbolizes change as a way of cleaning yourself and getting rid of the bad and unnecessary in your life. You can get rid of the bad, like shedding old skin, to make way for the new. We can learn from the snake in this way.

Spiritual Meaning of Change Symbolism

Generally, change symbolism signifies the importance of taking a spiritual path. The path you are taking will determine the changes you will meet in life. Every change can be equal for everyone but how they adjust to them is what brings the difference. In other words, your planning will make you overcome your changes easily. Equally, taking a spiritual path will help you handle every change in your life.

Change Symbolism: Summary

Changing symbolic meaning motivates you to have a better future because you are eager to know what will happen next. That spirit of wanting something new will help you become a better person. Probably, you all understand that change is inevitable, and adjusting to it will guarantee you a better future. You should be happy about the changes happening in your life regardless of how challenging they are. Equally, you can control change and time by planning your moves well.

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