The Tarot Suit Of Cups Meanings & Interpretation


Element: Water
Estate: The First Estate (The Clergy)
Season: Fall
Playing Card Suit: Hearts


Love, Relationships



The suit of Cups in the tarot cards pour forth the water of emotion. They deal with all parts of the emotional soul, and all things related to it. Relationships, whether they be between mother and child, lovers, or friends, all of them are ruled by the Suit of Water. This is also known as the suit of hearts, vessels, chalices, cauldrons or goblets.

Positive Traits:

If the Cups are prevalent in your tarot reading it indicates you are reacting to situations emotionally rather than rationally. Flights of romanticism will be the order of the day, lost in the ides of love, and creativity will be flowing from you. Anyone who has ever been in love knows how much inspiration can be derived from their most powerful of emotions.

But Water also represents the deep subconscious, and intuition. There is a mystical connection with this element, the birthplace of all earth’s life. It flows through, around, and over all of us, and as such connects us. Those who are sensitive pick up the ripples, which every act sends out like a stone dropped in a pond. The Suit of Cups can represent that sensitivity in the subject.

Negative Traits:

The negative aspect of this Minor Arcana suit in the Rider Waite tarot is that it shows sulkiness and detachment. People might also get addicted to substance abuse when this card comes up in their readings. Excessive emotions is also forecast by this suit of tarot cards.

Tarot Cards In The Suit Of Cups

  • Ace of Cups Meaning: Represents beginnings in relationships and family, new love, children, overall happiness.
  • Two of Cups Meaning: Two hearts fearlessly moving into the future, a joint venture, typically emotional.
  • Three of Cups Meaning: A time of celebration, reason for happiness and merriment.
  • Four of Cups Meaning: A general dissatisfaction with life, boredom, even new things bring no inspiration.

  • Five of Cups Meaning: A time of emotional difficulty and struggle, all hope is not lost, but it’s hard to see that.
  • Six of Cups Meaning: Reflections on the past, a certain nostalgia for things past, and perhaps a gift from the same.
  • Seven of Cups Meaning: This tarot card represents the dangers of idealization, not being realistic about a situation.

  • Eight of Cups Meaning: Wanderlust and restlessness, a desire to travel into the unknown from a current stable situation.
  • Nine of Cups Meaning: Complete satisfaction, getting all one wishes for. If this card arrives, your wish will come true.
  • Ten of Cups Meaning: The completion of a journey, a happy marriage and family life, carefree completeness.
  • Page of Cups Meaning: A mutable individual, able to adapt to a situation. A love of the arts, poetry, music, all things creative and emotionally expressive.
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  • Knight of Cups Meaning: The proverbial knight in shining armor, a suitor arriving looking for love. He is honest, can be trusted, and speaks only from the heart.
  • Queen of Cups Meaning: A deeply intuitive woman, a keeper of an important secret willing to share. Source of solid advice.
  • King of Cups Meaning: A kindly and wise ruler. Perhaps a priest, or a professional of the heart or mind such as a psychiatrist or doctor.

The Suit Of Cups In Images

ace of cupstwo of cupsthree of cupsfour of cups
five of cupssix of cupsseven-of-cups
eight of cupsnine-of-cups ten-of-cupspage-of-cups

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