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Temperance – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

Temperance Meaning In A Tarot Reading

Temperance meaning represents balance, the ability to see both sides of an argument and lead both parties to a position of mutual understanding.

When the Temperance card is in your life, you have found inner peace and calmness, and there is no need to seek it further.

This will be your greatest power in moving forward into the future. Read on to learn more about the effects of this Rider Waite card in upright and reversed positions.


Temperance Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The soul is at rest and able to see clearly. All things in life must exist in balance to work properly, and the ability to see that path lay within this card’s meaning. This Major Arcana tarot card represents a balance point, and living within one’s means, nothing large and explosive is necessary.

temperancePast Events:

You are coming out of a time of equality and balance. This is not a bad thing. Life is always moving in cycles of quiet times to hectic times and eventually back into balance.

This is the path you have walked. It’s time to set out on the road again, to stir things up so that you can come back to balance with your new knowledge and experiences.


Present Events:

You are at peace, at rest. The tumult of the past has gone, and the turbulence of the future has yet to arrive. In this space, you can make the proper decisions and serve as a touchstone to those people in your lives.

Share your peace with those around you, and you will find your life is imminently in your control.

Future Events:

Bear down, good friend, and survive. Your time of peace is coming, and it’s right around the corner. All of your struggles will end and you will find yourself at peace in the aftermath of the storm.

It will give you a unique insight into the world you do not currently have, and you will find the rest.


Temperance Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


There are times in our lives when we are massively out of balance, our ability to see both sides of a conflict is severely compromised clearly. Your inner peace is suffering, and it fills your life with painful uncertainty.

Past Events:

temperance reversedThings have been insane in the past few months and likely painful. You have been lost in trying to see the balance in things.

You are trying to help others with a problem that affects you. Also, you were too close, and the decision reached was out of balance.

Present Events:

Things are in tumult, and you aren’t able to get a clear vision of your situation. It’s time to take a step back and take a deep breath.

Make some serious assessment of what’s going on and your choices within it. You are in danger of making a bad decision for all the wrong reasons. Slow down.


Future Events:

A time of chaos is coming, things will be thrown out of balance, and it will feel like everything is out of your control. At this time, all you can do is watch your steps, and watch where you’re going.

Find the path to avoid this situation. If there is a conflict going on, know that you aren’t able to see both sides, sit them down, or the result will be bad for everyone involved.

Associated Colors:

Orange for happiness

Meditation For Temperance – Upright

This tarot meditation on the Temperance card upright focuses on the need for balance in your life. Do not let harmony make you complacent but try to inspire others to achieve equilibrium in their lives.

It is good to dream and fly high when things are going your way. But remember to do everything in moderation so that you don’t have to repent at a later date.

Set up the table with an orange cloth and keep the temperance Major Arcana card upright in front of you. As you begin your meditation, feel the positive effects of this card.

Smile and be drawn to the optimism that this card represents. Do not let your frustrations get to you. Be patient, and you will be sure to attract prosperity and happiness.

You are sitting at a huge table that has a feast set out for a king. Rich and delicious food fills the table, and you are tempted to try out everything, knowing it might make you sick.

You try each item on the table but within your limit, as you know that too much of anything will not do you any good.

People are looking with a fond longing for the food. You call them over and share the feast with them. At the same time, you keep warning them to eat slowly.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Temperance Upright Card

The meal becomes all the better with the wonderful company you share the meal with. Some of them have brought their own food which they share with you.

Everyone at the table eats till their stomachs are full and they are totally satisfied while not overindulging.

Everyone is happy sharing news and laughing at each other’s jokes and anecdotes. Be patient with each of them till they finish eating their desserts.

In so little time, you seem to understand each of them better and are learning to see life from their point of view. Your understanding and balance are what make this atmosphere so enjoyable and happy.

Come away from this tarot meditation of the temperance card, satisfied and feeling good about inspiring others to find their goals in life.

Always remember how it felt to be a part of others’ happiness and be the source of balance. You are at peace with yourself and are ready to make the right choices in life.

Associated Colors:

Red for chaos and conflict

Meditation For Temperance – Reversed

This tarot meditation on the Temperance card reversed focuses on what happens when we lose our sense of equity. When our internal struggles make us incapable of seeing the balance in life and the struggles of others. As you set up your work area, the red cloth laid before you and the candle at its peak lay the card inverted in front of you.

As you begin your meditation, feel the strain of conflict, the suspicion that makes you question the acts of all others, of everyone. For the time being, embrace the internal struggle this card represents.

You will find yourself at a grand table, laden with food from one end to the other, rich with heavily spiced wine and rich desserts. You glut on these foods. There is never enough and deep sickening joy in excess.

You feast and eat and constantly cast your eye about. Someone may try to take this from you. After all, they are always asking for scraps and food. But what they want is all. They won’t be stopped at just a little.

You speak to another who sits beside you, at his table. He has brought all of his food, but you are certain he eyes yours covetously.

But that hardly matters, now does it? You both can agree on one thing. All these others, their cries for help and of hunger, are a charade. They want what you have.

There is so much conflict in the room as you look at it. Arguments have no validation because neither side can come to an equally acceptable conclusion.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Temperance Reversed Card

So each struggle, unable to see the other’s side, just as you cannot see their genuine hunger. You do not understand why they think your abundance of food for their little ones is unfair.

Come away from this struggle. Try to find your way to peace. The world as presented in this Temperance meditation is sick, corrupted, and self-serving. Find your lesson here, and leave before it consumes you.

And when you do, record it in your journal, remembering to note how it felt to be that hungry, excessive individual at the table, how it felt to observe the others squabbling amongst themselves. May you never know such a lack of peace.

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