The Hermit – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Hermit Meaning In A Tarot Reading

In the middle ages, hermits were most often men of spirituality. They are religious men separated from the world to better study the nature of God. If this Rider Waite tarot card is in your reading, then solitude is a part of your current position, whether literal or figurative.

The lamp of the Hermit represents the light of knowledge and enlightenment, but the hermit is always alone. Sometimes coming from solitude, sometimes moving towards. Read on to know more about the upright and reverse meanings of this Major Arcana card in tarot readings.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


the hermitIn its upright position this tarot card represents the positive side of solitude and knowledge gained. When the time comes for us to move on to college, it is common for this card to appear.

You have the knowledge of your youth to carry with you, your recent diploma, and are moving forward into a new place. Whatever the case, the Hermit upright represents all the good of solitude.

Past Events:

You have completed a healthy time of Hermit, or are just departing it. This period has been a time of self-reflection and growth that can only occur when we are free to examine our own thoughts. This time is passing now though, and it is time for you to return to the world.

Present Events:

You are currently in your time of solitude, use it wisely. It is bound to continue for some time yet, and you should use this time to reflect upon your present circumstances.

There is growth to be had, and time to advance and grow. But you must learn from where you’ve been, and now is the time for that.

Future Events:

This card can be a positive omen for those who are in a bad situation. It often turns up in the tarot readings of abused men and women who have finally seen how things are and are moving to protect themselves.

In any case, it represents that you will soon be entering a period of beneficial solitude. You may not desire it, but it will be a needed time for you.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


the hermit reversedAn enforced solitude, against one’s will. There are many ways this can come about, from incarceration, to a move to a place away from friends and family.

It will be a difficult time, and no doubt sorrowful, as loneliness often accompanies enforced solitude. The inverted hermit can also represent willful ignorance, not just a lack of knowledge, but a choice to lack correct that situation.

Past Events:

You have been in a period of enforced solitude or ignorance. This time has neither been productive, nor beneficial, but it is passing now. You are in a place now to choose to end this isolation, you may set yourself free at this time.

Present Events:

Your current circumstances are lonely, isolated, either from people or from knowledge. Someone in your life is likely enforcing this, keeping you ignorant, or you yourself are choosing to be in your current circumstances. Now is the time to take those steps to change this fact, look for the keys out of your cell, they are at hand!

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Future Events:

Beware, traveler. Ignorance and isolation are in your future if you aren’t careful. If you keep your head about you, and watch the road ahead, you can avoid this situation.

And avoid it you should if at all possible. If not, it’s best you make the best of your current circumstances, and enjoy it while you can. A time of sorrowful loneliness is ahead.

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