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The Moon – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Moon Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The moon is a tarot card of dualities and dawning enlightenment. It represents the point when our mind lets go of ‘normal’ conceptual reality and starts pondering the abstract points of philosophy.

Under the silver light of the Moon all things are ready to be considered, and the ‘right way’ we’ve always known is in question. It is this form of critical thinking that paves the way to true enlightenment.

Read on to know more about this Major Arcana card.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The shimmery light of the moon has blurred the sharpness of absolutes. The idea of abstracts, the knowledge that not everything is as it first appears is revealed, and black and white have been degraded into a million shades of grey. Now is the time to question what we’ve always known as real, and develop our own thoughts and opinions on the world.

the moon uprightPast Events:

You have recently come out of a period of enlightenment, the past events utterly changing who you were and how you perceived the world. Your newly opened mind has expanded your world and increased your ability to deal with situations by no longer being locked into old paradigms.

Present Events:

The present places you in a very introspective time, who are you? Who are they? You likely find yourself not quite confused, but not ready to quickly commit to any single opinion or course of action on things. Take the time to examine all sides of a situation, and to ponder the true meaning of the things in your life.

Future Events:

You are on the verge of some grand intellectual adventure, it’s just looming over the horizon. There will come a series of events that throws everything you’ve known into question, and it will be a great eye-opening for you. It will be a time of incredible growth and insight, and a time of true spiritual maturation.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Just as the light of the moon can blur the edges of everything you’ve ever known, so can the soft shadows conceal the truth of a situation. Often when the Moon appears in this inverted position you will find yourself being gas-lighted, sometimes by yourself, sometimes by others in your life. Brain-washing, obfuscation, and deception are all hallmarks of The Moon reversed.

moon reversedPast Events:

You have being misled, someone or some group in your life has been keeping the veil pulled over your eyes. This may even be you, trying to ignore some truth you aren’t willing to deal with yet, or it could be someone else trying to keep their reality the only you see.

Present Events:

Be cautious with those you place trust in, someone is not being entirely honest with you. In all likelihood someone is currently trying to control your life and spoon feed you only the ‘facts’ they want you to believe. Question everything for the time being, it’s the safest way to make sure you’re getting the whole truth.

Future Events:

There’s a bad moon on the rise. Look ahead to your future and take your steps very carefully. Your future holds certain truths you’re not quite ready to accept, and there may be those around you who are more than willing to help you ignore what’s right in front of you. Be cautious and aware, and try to see all aspects of a given situation to see it clearly.

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