Meditation With Animal Totems

Benefits Of Meditation On An Animal Totem

Meditation can be useful across every aspect of our lives. By practicing it regularly, you are enabling personal growth, reflection, and spiritual development, to name just a few of the benefits. Discovering your true identity by communicating with yourself is a fundamental principle in meditation and invoking your animal totem plays a major part in this.

In order to create and maintain a balance both within yourself and in the world, humans need to be able to form a relationship with nature. By attuning ourselves with animal totems (especially ones that we can relate to in some way), we facilitate our linking with their energies.

Animals often reveal themselves as totems through meditation, as these are the times when our minds are most open and receptive to cues. During meditation sessions, animals may speak to us and allow us to see information about our past, present, and future, as well as situations that have and will pop up along our path.


The Process Of Animal Totem Meditation

Identifying your animal totem through meditation is an exercise in patience and relaxation, both physically and mentally. For some, this may be an easy process that produces results immediately.

However, others may find that they require multiple sessions in order to truly experience improvement from the meditation experience. To begin the meditation, you must position yourself in a suitable area.

Find a comfortable and quiet place that will prevent distractions- you want to be able to remain focused throughout the meditation. Make a specific space for meditation and nothing else. Reserve this space for meditation and reflection only, as patterns and rituals make connecting with your totem much easier. Concentrate on your breathing, beginning at a slow and controlled pace. Alternate between holding your breath and exhaling. Once you find a rhythm, start to imagine breathing in positivity and exhaling negativity. This should be a cleansing exercise and put your mind in the ideal state for a mindful experience.

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When you reach a state of transparency, you are ready to move forward in the meditation. Each of us should develop a personal mantra – a sentence, phrase, or even a combination of sounds – that you can repeat either aloud or silently in your mind. Call upon your mantra to stay focused on the meditation and quiet the world around you. Repeat the mantra when you find your mind drifting away. As you think or speak your mantra, allow yourself to envision that you are entering the natural world, like walking through a forest, for example. Visualize all of the creatures around you and permit the sounds and smells to captivate your mind. By doing this, you are engaging with nature and showing the animals and elements that you are invested in connecting with them. Learn more about working with animal totems.

Envision the path (or paths) in front of you. Stare down this path and allow your natural surroundings to guide you. Let go of your fears, inhibitions, and stresses. Perhaps an animal totem or other spiritual guide will show you other options or choices that you have been afraid of or never considered before. You may not know what will occur down your current or new paths, but you must trust in the guidance that you are given. Whatever you meet on the path is relevant and important to your life at that current point in your life, and it might take some time for you to understand just how to interpret what you meet during meditation.

During meditation, it is important to recognize how you are feeling throughout the process. This will help you in recognizing your true feelings about situations and relationships in your life, which will assist you in choosing a future route of action. By becoming in touch with the emotions that may have been residing deep inside your consciousness, you will be able to more easily actualize your goals and desires.

Meditation can show you new options or help you to analyze previous choices that you have made. There is no specific length of time that is required to have a meaningful experience. It is entirely up to you to decide. Totems will speak to you and, when you have comprehended their messages and sorted out how to interpret them, you will know that your intentions for that meditation have been satisfied. At that time, you can thank the natural world for its assistance, teachings, and guidance, and end the session until a later time.

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