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The Empress – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Empress Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Empress tarot card of the Rider Waite deck is the supreme mother, fecundity and the source of creation personified in this moment. Her crown and scepter signify her ruler-ship over all things, and the shield she bears is often shown to bear the mark of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. She is surrounded by a wheat field signifying great fertility and the comforts of home.

The Empress is the penultimate symbol of the feminine principle, especially during the mother phase of a woman’s life. She is caretaker, guardian, and nurturing hand. She is the giver of life, encouraging it’s celebration and nurturing.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The Empress card of the Major Arcana presents great fruitfulness in your life, fertility in it’s most literal aspect, or fertile ground for things to grow. She is the herald of life to be celebrated, to encourage it’s growth. Now is a time for starting new things, now is a time of abundance. When the Empress is present, no one wants, and no one goes untended. The mother in her greatest aspect, caretaker of all.

Past Events:

You have been living a life of abundance, not of wealth, but in a life worth living. You have either been surrounded by good things, or living in a time when your plans are ready to be planted and nurtured into life. This is a sign that that time has passed, and moved on into it’s next phase.

the empress

Present Events:

If you have plans you are working on, start laying the seeds now. Life is ripe for you to take advantage and begin the process of growth and expansion of your dreams.

The Empress mother is watching over you, and you are well taken care of, so start your projects now! Incidentally, if you’re wondering if you’re pregnant and this card shows up? It’s almost certainly yes!

Future Events:

You are on the verge of a very productive time. Sometime in the near future opportunities will present themselves that will be perfect for laying the seeds of your plans.

If you are in a hard time now, you will find some succor and surcease coming, likely at the hand of another. Fear not, in the coming time you will be seen to and cared for.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Here is the Empress in her tyranny, crushing the efforts of those she rules over. This is the oppression of life, the reticent ground not giving forth life. Efforts at this time will be for naught, and shot through with struggles of every kind. Now is not the time for progress, now is the time for inaction to let the worst pass.

Past Events:

You have been struggling in your life with your goals and projects, every move you make has been held back by one form of obstacle or another, and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

the empress reversed

You keep jumping obstacles, but on the other side is another one. This period is passing, but up until this point you have largely been struggling in vain, the time was not right.

Present Events:

You are finding yourself in a period of great difficulty, the Empresses stands against you, your plans are all for naught. She stands as tyrant in your life, ruling all things and choking out all plans with difficulty. Whatever projects you’re working on right now, set them on the back burner, now is not the time.

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Future Events:

Prepare yourself now, for the time is coming when all your efforts will be for naught. Winter is coming, and it’s best that you prepare now to weather it.

The Empress will stand against you, and the plans you will make or currently have will not work out, set them down, let the field go fallow, and wait for better days rather than waste your energy against her.

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