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Justice – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

Justice Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Justice tarot card represents absolutes, no shades of grey, just right or wrong. It will commonly show up when you have an important decision to make, and any decision you make in regards to this will be final.

Changing your path afterwards is neigh on impossible, all other directions having been removed once this act is taken. Take a look at the upright and inverted meanings for this Major Arcana card from the Rider Waite deck.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


justiceAs is implied by its name, this card represents Justice, fairness, honesty, and the enactment of the law. In the straight place it means that the tides of justice are operating correctly, that the decision made or arrived at will be the fairest possible given the circumstances.

Past Events:

In the recent past, you have been called on to make a decision. This tarot card showing up here indicates that you made the best decision you could. If you fear that your judgment was biased or selfish, set yourself free of those. You made the best call you could.

Present Events:

You are currently in a position where a decision must be made. You are being called on to make the fairest decision possible, and rest assured your current thoughts on the proper decision is the right one.

Future Events:

The future holds an important decision that will deeply affect you. Rest assured, the presence of this card shows that the decision will be the fairest possible. This may not be exactly what you hope for, but it will at least be balanced against your situation.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Justice should be blind, in order to make the fairest judgment. This tarot card indicates that at this time, it’s deaf and dumb as well. That is the best possible result, the other potential is deliberate maliciousness and deceit. Whatever the case, this indicates there is a miscarriage of justice in the works.

justice reversedPast Events:

Have you been questioning a decision made recently? Do you wonder if it was in fact pure and correct, or if it was made from a position of selfishness or dishonesty?

Wonder no more, that decision was decidedly influenced by forces that were less than altruistic in their nature. Whether it was made by you or others, know that what was done was done, and at this point there is nothing to do but live with the result.

Present Events:

The decision you have been called on to make right now is challenging your honorable nature. You may be angry, or bitter, or just not a very nice person. But if you would like to keep your karmic slate clean, reconsider your current decision, it will be irrevocable once made.

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Future Events:

Based on your current path, the fate of a decision currently in the works will work against you. Whether it is because of the people involved or the circumstances surrounding the decision, the final verdict will be less than balanced in nature. Prepare yourself and get your ducks in a row, your current tactic will not work, it’s time for a change.

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