The Tarot Suit Of Swords Meanings & Interpretation


Element:  Air
Estate:  The Second Estate (The Nobles)
Season:  Winter
Playing Card Suit: Spades


Ambition, Bravery, Change, Strength, Power, Repression, Disagreement



The suit of Swords represents the element of Air and all it’s associated with. Intellect, clarity of vision, and action, all of which have their own positive and negative aspects.

When the court cards show up in the tarot reading, they often represent an individual who either has the qualities mentioned, or who was born under one of the air signs. Aquarians, Libra, and Gemini’s all have natures that are deeply connected to the foundational elements of the sword suit.

Positive Traits:

The Swords also represent the thoughts, attitudes, and inner belief patterns of the individual the reading is being done for. With their dual edged nature they stand the line between power and intellect, and represent how either can be used to clear the way, or cause grievous harm.

The positive aspects of the suit are clearing of the way, the ability to see the way through a problem, mental movement and action, getting things done, and thinking your way through a problem.

Negative Traits:

The suit of swords is, as a whole, not considered a pleasant suit to have show up in a reading. While it can represent a clearing of obstacles and cutting through of difficulties, far more often it represents the arrival of trouble.

The negative side is inevitably conflict, anger, betrayal, and over intellectualization, ignoring the heart in the situation. The cold force of air, when overdone, can chill the heart.

Tarot Cards In The Suit Of Swords:

  • Ace of Swords Meaning: Clearance of confusion, acting with decisiveness, clarity of vision
  • Two of Swords Meaning: Confusion, split between two possible directions, or simple ambiguity
  • Three of Swords Meaning: Deep criticism, especially of self, overly intellectualization

  • Four of Swords Meaning: Avoiding problems, hoping others will rescue you, surrender and refusal to fight
  • Five of Swords Meaning: Betrayal, Victory through underhanded means, alienation of others, lack of purpose
  • Six of Swords Meaning: A journey fraught with peril, an endeavor doomed to fail, responsibility

  • Seven of Swords Meaning: Working in the shadows, getting caught by being overambitious
  • Eight of Swords Meaning: Being trapped by others, or circumstances. Powerlessness, unwillingness to change
  • Nine of Swords Meaning: Fear, the worst of all ends, but the beginning of letting go, grief
  • Ten of Swords Meaning: The end of ordeals, exhaustion, end of a cycle that’s been repeating
  • Page of Swords Meaning: Keen powers of observation. Keeping secrets and ones inner nature concealed. The ability to stand fast in the face of suspense and stay cool under peril

  • Knight of Swords Meaning: Anger, impatience, blind fanaticism, initiative without forethought
  • Queen of Swords Meaning: Power, tactical thinking, the ability to streamline a problem, loneliness, depression, cruelty
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  • King of Swords Meaning: Disciplined ambition and passion, insightful power, which out of control is tyranny

The Suit Of Swords In Images

ace of swordstwo of swordsthree of swordsfour of swords
five of swordssix of swordsseven of swords
eight of swordsnine of swordsten of swordspage of swords
knight of swordsqueen of swordsking of swords
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