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The Tarot Suit Of Swords: Taking Brave Moves

The Tarot Suit Of Swords Meaning

Taking a brave move is the message of the tarot suit of swords. Success comes when you have suitable structures and plans that will work in your favor. Objectives can be important in coming up with the solid belief that you have a great future that will depend on the goals that you set for yourself. Nothing important can happen if you don’t add up those ideas that might motivate you.


Additionally, skills cannot work better when you have a tarot suit of swords reversed as your plan to get better things in your life. So, avoid anything that is to bring this right choice in your channels. Keep going for something that you are sure will help you in making bold choices. Be sure not to lose the enthusiasm for success. Every step matters, and you will have to do something extra to achieve it.


The Tarot Suit Of Swords Upright

Change is something that you always have to be ready for it. But preparations start with the inner plan that the future you are dreaming of will realize. Be brave to accept that not always things will work as you plan. Sometimes it might even derail your power. But keep on fighting for your space. It will result in fruition and success sooner.


Also, the tarot suit of swords love shows the brave choices that you make that can result in having a solid relationship and success in the end. But you have to work for it as nothing easy can happen unless you go the extra mile. Be romantic and look for mutual love affairs that, when you are somewhere, you are proud of it. It’s always important to adjust and be happy with your progress.


The Tarot Suit Of Swords Career

In your career life, if you are doing something that does not give you satisfaction, you look for an alternative way to get to what you enjoy most. So, be sure not to lose the enthusiasm and force that might help you in matching your success. Being positive will mean you continue working despite the challenges that you face. But taking the bold choice to do something else will prove your confidence.

Besides, the tarot suit of swords, yes or no, means you give a green signal to yourself to continue on the journey that you started. But being aggressive will mean you have the strength to push to the end of your goals. But be sure not to mix your ambitions with external forces that will not yield anything for your life. Hence, you have to be lenient and look for an opportunity to change your fate in life.

The Tarot Suit Of Swords Tarot Guide

The proper way of dealing with life situations is to stick to something positive and promising. The card directives will show the inner part of feelings that will discern getting the important life circles. But boldness is what will help you in making life the most fundamental part of success. So, open your doors to receive good news through the tarot guide images.

Moreover, the tarot suit of swords in the future laments the options that will help you set backgrounds for things that match your options in your life. The right mindset is what will help you to activate prosperity in your stake. The better part is maintaining the right attitude and gaining confidence in your study life. Be brave in your decisions and show independence in mind settings.

The Tarot Suit Of Swords Tarot Cards

Once you have the light on your path, it means the card shows you what to do next. But you have to know you have the responsibility of changing every situation in your life. Be considerate and disclose the goals that are working better and achieve your prosperity. The abundant mentality is key when you have a mood swing which can be challenging when stabilizing. The tarot suit of swords’ symbolic meaning assures you of remarkable success when you take bold moves in the right direction.


Ambition, Bravery, Change, Strength, Power, Repression, Disagreement



The suit of Swords represents the element of Air and all its associations. Intellect, clarity of vision, and action have their own positive and negative aspects.

When the court cards show up in the tarot reading, they often represent an individual who either has the qualities mentioned or is born under one air sign. Aquarians, Libra, and Gemini all have natures that have deep connections to the foundational elements of the sword suit.

Positive Traits:

The Swords also represent the thoughts, attitudes, and inner belief patterns of the individual the reading is doing. Their dual nature stands the line between power and intellect and represents how to either clear the way or cause grievous harm.

The positive aspects of the suit are clearing the way, seeing the way through a problem, mental movement, and action, getting things done, and thinking your way through a problem.

Negative Traits:

The suit of swords is, as a whole, not considered a pleasant suit to have shown up in a reading. While it can represent a clearing of obstacles and cut through difficulties, far more often, it represents the arrival of trouble.

The negative side is inevitably conflict, anger, betrayal, and over-intellectualization, ignoring the heart of the situation. The cold force of air, when overdone, can chill the heart.

Tarot Cards In The Suit Of Swords:

    • Seven of Swords Meaning: Working in the shadows, getting caught by being overambitious
    • Eight of Swords Meaning: Being trapped by others or circumstances. Powerlessness, unwillingness to change
    • Nine of Swords Meaning: Fear, the worst of all ends, but the beginning of letting go, grief
    • Ten of Swords Meaning: The end of ordeals, exhaustion, end of a cycle that’s been repeating
    • Page of Swords Meaning: Keen powers of observation. Keeping secrets and one’s inner nature concealed. The ability to stand fast in the face of suspense and stay cool under peril

The Suit Of Swords In Images

ace of swordsThe Tarot Suit Of Swordsthree of swordsfour of swordsThe Tarot Suit Of Swordssix of swordsseven of swordseight of swordsnine of swordsThe Tarot Suit Of Swordspage of swordsknight of swordsqueen of swordsThe Tarot Suit Of Swords


The tarot suit of swords signifies the importance of taking action that is independent and can help you progress. So, you have to develop a character that breeds the right thoughts to help you make decisions. So, you have to show determination and willingness to change the state of your life. Visualize a better life.

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