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The World – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The World Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The World tarot card represents fulfillment, the culmination of our hopes and dreams, and the beginning of us living those dreams.

We have found ourselves in a position of being in a well-balanced relationship that fulfills the needs and wholeness of both involved. This is when you have successfully taken control of life and are living whole and complete.


Read on to learn more about the upright and inverted meanings of this Rider Waite tarot card.

The World Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


All journeys have a destination, and this Major Arcana tarot card represents that you have reached yours successfully. While each destination serves as the launching point of another journey, this is a seminal point in your journey. You have reached the culmination of all you’ve worked for at this time and are content.

the world upright

Past Events:

You’ve been living in the glory of having seen all your goals realized, and your inner self is complete. It’s been a time of absolute contentment and fulfillment. Congratulations! That time is not past, but it’s time to begin a new path. As long as you live, your journey will continue.


Present Events:

Finally, your struggle is over, your climb and all your work have finally culminated in a point in your life where you are, in fact, completely content. Life is always full of minor challenges, but you know how to deal with those, and you can do so from that security position in your current content state.

Future Events:

You’re almost there! You have found your inner contentment and completed your journey. Now it’s just a matter of getting all your ducks in a row so that the benefits of your destination can be enjoyed. You will be spiritually and emotionally complete, and everything else will follow.


The World Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


You are seeking your completion, but your path is flawed. Sometimes we try to quick-step things that must take time. Spiritual development cannot be rushed. You may be trying to avoid the challenges on the road there and thereby miss the important development as part of that.

Past Events:

You’ve been working towards your goal, but only where you find the path easy. If you’ve been frustrated on your path, not quite making it, you’re avoiding these final challenges. You’ve come this far. It’s time to face these final challenges to reach your goal.

the world reversed

Present Events:

What is the challenge you are avoiding? What are you afraid of? The final steps are right there in front of you if you’re willing to take them. You know the challenge of which we speak. It is right in front of you. Climb that last hill.


Future Events:

Your own choices only block your path to your goal. There is a challenge ahead that stands in your way, and you will try to avoid it. Prepare instead to take that challenge and climb that mountain. If it is not evident now, this challenge will make itself evident soon.

Associated Colors:

Gold for culmination, the success of our efforts

Meditation For The World – Upright

This tarot meditation on the upright World card will focus on when we have achieved our goals and our inner peace. Contentment in the world and enjoying the ultimate fruits of our labors. Spiritual and emotional fulfillment, and the coming together in a relationship with other people. All of our journeys have more than one destination. They have many!

Set up your meditation area with its cloth and candle, and as you settle in, let yourself be overcome with fulfillment, the joy of a life lived well, and the achievement of your life goals.


As you slip beneath the waves to the meditation, you will find yourself sitting on the porch of a home. Let yourself see the home in your mind, and your partner settled in next to you.

The land around you is an open ranch field, and green fields flow away ahead of you. You are both aged but healthy and strong. Internally there is contentment in your life.

You have come through the storms, a tumbled tower visible on the hillside far away. The quiet squeak of the wheel of a windmill sounds from off to the right, and a patina-covered trumpet rests by your side.

The day is warm and comfortable, and you know you have found your peace. There are still many paths in the road ahead, but that road always leads back here, to home.

Around you have gathered children, maybe yours, maybe just those, who’ve come to learn from you.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The World Upright Card

You pass on your wisdom, telling them all you’ve learned, knowing that they still must learn it themselves. Perhaps you can ease the road ahead.

After a while, you send the children off to their jobs, living and playing in joy, and stand to walk inside. The inside of your home is filled with the icons of your life, the days you lived, and the path you walked to get to your current goal.

It was not easy, it was not without challenge, but every one of them was worth it, and recognized who you are now.

What would you have been without them, you wonder? What if your life had been easy rather than fraught with the challenges unique to your path? It doesn’t matter. Regrets and speculation don’t change that you’ve finally made it. You settle down at dinner with your partner and watch the sun slowly settle over the western horizon.

Tomorrow is another day, but today’s journey is finished, and thank goodness it’s ended at home. Take the feeling of contentment and simple happiness with you as you go, knowing that the future that lies ahead will bring more lessons, but you know that your current work is done.

Associated Colors:

Copper for lesser success, growth

Meditation For The World – Reversed

Sometimes on our path to our purpose, our culmination of self, we trip. We find challenges that we aren’t certain we’re up for or don’t recognize that they are the challenges we need to reach.

The tarot meditation on the world card reversed represents the moment when we are held up on the path for which we’ve been working for so long.

Take the copper cloth and candle, and set up your area for meditation. Think about the feelings of frustration when you know you’re so close.


The frustration of not knowing why you work and work and seem to be caught on a treadmill. Let yourself be taken into the meditation, and find yourself looking at a map.

You’ve followed this map for a long time, knowing that it’s been the path from home to where you wished to be. You retrace it a hundred times, trying to find out what prevents you from going forward.

The tarot meditation on the world card reversed represents that moment where we are held up on our path for which we’ve been working for so long.You thought you had looked this far ahead, but somehow the map suddenly petered out. There is no listed path forward. No road marks showing you where you need to go.

Starting over from the beginning on the map, you trace your path again, remembering where you were, glorying in those challenges you found and overcame.

Rather than making you feel empowered, it is all the more frustrating. How could you have come through all of this without a hitch and suddenly find yourself blocked on the home stretch?

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The World Reversed Card

You hold the map away from you. Maybe there was something you hadn’t seen. Maybe it would be clear if extended from yourself. You pore over it, hoping it will just jump out at you. Maybe you were just too close.

You peer at it, growing more and more frustrated. You finally throw the map down on the ground and bury your face in your hands.

This is it. You’re just stuck. There’s no way forward. It’d be right there on the map, it’d be evident on your care plan from beginning to end, but there isn’t one there. It’s just not there. You look up to stare angrily at the road ahead….

And there it is. Your goal is right there in front of you, just a little ahead. There’s overgrowth and trees and vines in the way. But there is a machete right there by the edge of the forest, and it’s not that far. You’ll make your road. It’s just one more challenge, after all! Someone has to make that first road, why not you?

As you come out of the meditation, you carry the frustration you felt with you. That frustration is what gets in your way, what gets between you and your goals, and if you can let that go, the last few steps to your goal will make themselves evident. You’ve worked for this goal for so long, don’t give up now!

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