Knight of Wands – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Knight of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

Over the hills he comes, this herald of the Minor Arcana’s suit of Wands! The Knight of Wands trumpets his arrival with a passion for adventure and impulsiveness.

This will keep him driving ever forward on his quest. He will succeed, and nothing that dares stand in his way will prevent him.

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


knight of wands

The Knight of Wands indicates action and movement. With the fiery nature of the suit of wands embodied, he will charge forth to make the page’s dreams a reality. His impulsiveness can be an impediment however, as he doesn’t think before he acts, and that can lead to trouble.

All he wants is to be the best of the best, and to achieve his goal. The good news is, he can charge over those who stand in his way. This is also the bad news.

Past Events:

The energy of the Knight of Wands has been driving you, and it has been keeping you motivated on your task. You’ve been making progress in leaps and bounds, and no barrier has been able to slow you down. You may have stepped on a few toes on the way, but so far, it hasn’t done you any harm.  So far. Keep an eye out in case you have to smooth some hurt feelings.

Present Events:

Do you hear the horn calling the battle charge? Ambition and motivation are the letter of the day, and nothing is going to stop your forward progress. But rein in those horses my friend, have you checked to make sure your impulsiveness isn’t leading you to trouble?

It may be that your first reaction isn’t your best one. Keep the energy up, but take time to consider your forward motion lest you wind up in a trench.

Future Events:

Coming down the pike is someone who can be an absolute benefit to your plans, he or she will take your dreams and drive them forward with relentless force. But be careful, they may not take into consideration all the possible damage they can do charging over all obstacles. Be ready to take the reins of their energy and direct them, but hang on, it’s going to be a ferocious ride!

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


knight of wands reversedThe problem with someone as impulsive and driven as the Knight in the inverted position, is they utterly dislike anything that stands in their way. If obstacles stand in their way that are insurmountable, or they are being held back, frustration and anger are going to be immediately evident.

This can lead to rushing into things without thinking them through first, and that’s an ugly predicament to find yourself in.

Past Events:

You’ve been rushing through an inadvisable series of actions lately. Driven by the overwhelming need to get something done, you’ve been pushing through, sometimes without any idea what you’re actually doing. It doesn’t matter, just gotta keep moving moving moving right? No.. Stop, slow down, your current predicament is a direct result of this form of action.

Present Events:

It’s frustrating, having to wait. All this energy burning inside you like a fire, all this power trying to drive you forward, but nowhere to go! The impulse to Go! Go! Go! is strong, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Stay calm, focus on the next steps, and plan your next steps carefully so all that energy isn’t wasted on useless action.

Future Events:

Someone in your life is going to be losing their temper with the slow pace of things soon. You probably know who they are, and they’ve been prone to this behavior in the past. Knowing this is in their nature, you know that they mean the best by it, but it’s not going to help. Try to avoid them, or set them a task they can feel useful at.

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