The Tarot Suit Of Wands Meanings & Interpretation


Element: Fire
Estate: The Third Estate: Rural, Farmers, Laborers, And Peasants
Season: Summer
Playing Card Suit: Club


Poverty, Submission, Simplicity, Nature, and Creativity



This tarot suit of the Minor Arcana is tied deeply to creativity, and it’s association with nature represents the wilds and natural growth. It is from this tie that it represents the heart of creation, the simple seeds in the fertile ground blossoming into great trees of creativity. It also ties into our spirit, the source of ourselves and the reflection of that which we hold dear to our truth.

The Court Cards tend to represent people who are energetic, charismatic, warm, and imbued with a deep sense of spirituality. They can be recognized both by these traits, and have a tendency to be under the associated Fire Signs.  (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries).

If the wands are prominent within a reading, these elements are very prevalent in the persons life.  They are in a period of their life that is active, constantly in motion, and by association with a current period of change. Often this means that they’re looking for some form of direction, somewhere to direct all this creative energy that keeps them going each day.

Positive Traits:

The positive aspects of the suit of wands deals with that which keeps us constantly in motion, the concept of self that defines us, and drive, both our inner truth, and that which we show the world. This includes movement in all its forms, and the drives that move us towards innovation and turning ideas into reality.

Negative Traits:

The negative side of this tarot suit include ego, run wild, action without thought, lacking direction, and feeling as though life holds no meaning. These will often turn up when we’re lost in a sort of chaos or malaise, finding ourselves utterly lost but constantly in motion.

It’s easy, in a period of high activity, to become lost, and the Wands can help provide direction when lost in the wilderness of our own ambition. When the wands show up, your work is to help provide your client with direction, and help them find methods to grind out the energy and point it in a useful direction.

Tarot Cards In The Suit Of Wands

  • Ace of Wands Meaning: The beginnings of a new endeavor, the first tickles of creative drive
  • Two of Wands Meaning: Adroitness in your field of expertise giving you advantage
  • Three of Wands Meaning: Artistic vision, knowledge, ability, and drive to bring it to fruition

  • Four of Wands Meaning: Forming relationships, effort to bring into being and continue them
  • Five of Wands Meaning: Competitive play, intuition and intelligence in play influencing professional exploits
  • Six of Wands Meaning: Success in creative endeavors, the path less traveled, achievement

  • Seven of Wands Meaning: Defense of self against others while realizing your creative potential
  • Eight of Wands Meaning: Confusion in the face of many creative options without a strong base
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  • Nine of Wands Meaning: Writers block, barriers in creativity
  • Ten of Wands Meaning: Perseverance in the face of creative obstacles and isolation
  • Page of Wands Meaning: The messenger of ideas, bringer of inspiration and the associated enthusiasm
  • Knight of Wands Meaning: The driving force of creativity, the sort that dominates your every moment
  • Queen of Wands Meaning: The Chariot of creativity that drives others with you in your wake,  Group effort
  • King of Wands Meaning: Not just taking others along, but being a leader in your goals

The Suit Of Wands In Images

ace of wandstwo of wandsthree of wandsfour of wands
five of wandssix of wandsseven of wands
eight of wandsnine of wandsten of wandspage of wands
knight of wandsqueen of wandsking of wands

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