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Friends With Benefits – Does It Really Work?

How to Make Friends With Benefits?

The notion of “friends with benefits” is not a new term to most of us that have been dating for a while. It is simply to engage in nothing but sex.


The best part is that couples get to enjoy each other’s company without necessarily showing any signs of commitment. This sounds like an interesting relationship. It might not be the case in some instances as the friends with benefits relationship might not always work.

There might not be one but many issues that could be associated with friends with benefits. For instance, it tends to blind lovers that they are ok, while in a real sense, they are not.

These and many more are some of the issues that would be covered in this critique.


Issues That Plague Friends With Benefits

1. Blinds Couples

Friends with benefits simply blind couples. This is a well-known fact. In as much as lovers get to have sex together often, they are blinded from reality. There is no love between them. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that lovers are prevented from experiencing the real kind of love.

The more individuals are stuck in such a relationship, the more they waste their time without actually getting love. There are millions out there seeking their partners.


Therefore, there is no reason to pretend that friends for benefits work for you. Let’s be real here; the chances are that you are only afraid to commit.

2. Drains energy

A relationship where you only see each other as friends will only drain away energy from you. Yes, you might have settled with the most romantic individual, but ultimately, you would be getting nothing out of it. On the contrary, you might end up regretting that you wasted time with them.


The time spent here could have been spent expressing your love to a partner that deserves your attention. Hence, you need to settle for the right partner that would treat you with respect by appreciating the love that you offer them.

3. There is nothing more to anticipate

With friends with benefits relationships, there is nothing worth anticipating. Partners get together to have fun. And that’s it! There is nothing that can be achieved out of this relationship. Interestingly, those involved would never sit down to talk about their relationship.

As earlier mentioned, it is a gateway for partners to avoid the commitment that comes with serious relationships. Therefore, one of the reasons this kind of relationship might not be ideal is that they are never worth it.

4. They never last

Relationships where partners call each other “just friends” never last. In other words, partners perceive each other as friends and nothing more.

This means that if you expect anything more, then the chances are that you would only be torturing yourself.

Your partner would only respond to your love demands by arguing that you are “just friends.” This isn’t very respectful when you actually love them.

For that reason, one needs to think twice before choosing to stick to the friends with benefits kind of a relationship.

5. You are just friends

The main idea behind friends with benefits is that you will always remain friends. This means that you have no right to feel jealousy when you find your partner with someone else. Truly, this sounds unfair. However, this is part of the rules of the game.

Hence, if you are out searching for a lasting relationship with a future, this would not be the right place for you.

Friends With Benefits: Final Word

Commitments are never for the fainted-hearted people. Having said this, the reason behind lovers opting for the friendly kind of relationship with strings attached is because they are faint-hearted. If they are not willing to commit, then they are not serious with you.

Accordingly, it would be best if you never wasted your time thinking that friends with benefits might benefit you in the end. Conversely, there is a possibility that you might be on the losing end if you are not careful.

Play your cards right and find a partner that loves and cares for you.

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