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The High Priestess – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The High Priestess Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The High Priestess tarot card from the Rider Waite deck represents the pinnacle of quiet wisdom, of knowing. While her consort, the Magician, is about fevered action and creation, the High Priestess is about patience and quiet knowledge. She does not seek challenges or problems; she lets them come to her.

This lady does not create drama. She quietly observes it and extinguishes it. There is no need for action in the High Priestess. She knows that all that must be done has been done, and what needs to be done will present in time.

Those around her may accuse her of not caring, but such is not the case. She has embraced the power of powerlessness. Powerlessness, in this case, is not the inability to do anything about a situation. But it is the knowledge that you have done all you can and must and that the rest is in the universe’s hands.


The High Priestess of Major Arcana may not know the next action to take, but it does not concern her. Quiet observation will let her know the solution when it comes, and her calm demeanor will save her the energy to act when she must.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


Quiet, contemplative, calm. A state of well-thought-out inaction, not laziness or avoidance, but the knowledge that all that must be has been. The secrets of the world wait to be unlocked, but only if the path to them can be found. She sits quietly observing all paths, waiting for the way to reveal itself.

the highpriestessPast Events:

You have been in your time of quiet, and it has been the correct course of action. Your calm and peace have served you well and allowed you to negotiate otherwise turbulent waters in serenity.

You have been collecting the correct information and have created no unnecessary waves in the water, not by fear of action but by knowing that this was the correct path to take. This time has passed, and now it’s time to apply what you have discovered.


Present Events:

It is time to let go of action and embrace inaction. Quiet observation and wise distribution of energy are the keys at this time. Patience is the only virtue that will see you through your current conundrum, patience and calm.

Let those who would create chaos or move in useless furtive action do so, set yourself apart from it, doling out your calm observations and knowledge to those who would listen.

Future Events:

Likely, a time of turbulence is ahead, and it will be a time that you would best observe in quiet. It is both a warning and a promise.

If you navigate the waters ahead with a peaceful, centered mind, giving no word unasked, asking no questions but always watching, you will move through it as unscathed as possible.


The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings- Reversed


Frantic pointless action, feeling as though something MUST be done about all things. She knows where not to go, not what to do, and thus feels as though she must do all things. Forever stressed, never resting, always meddling, the High Priestess reversed has forgotten the power of powerlessness and is always attempting to control things she cannot. Much energy is wasted here.

the high priestess reversedPast Events:

You have been frantically trying to control your environment, control the situation around you, and do everything you can. It has been pointless, leaving you feeling exhausted and drained.

With no progress having been shown for all your effort. Take heed of this, for you are causing yourself harm by these actions.


Present Events:

Either at this very moment or very, very soon, you will find yourself in a situation that you feel demands you take some form of action. You will feel that if I just do ‘this or ‘that,’ you will feel obligated to act.

Please do not fall for it, do not be tricked. If you apply your energy to this, you will only drive yourself to exhaustion. Find a place of calm to rise above the coming storm, and you will ride it out.

Future Events:

Pay attention to the days ahead, you will reach a point where you have done all you can, and any further action would be pointless and potentially harmful. When this event comes to pass, it will be time for you to retreat from the action.

Enter the place of quiet observation and withdrawal. The thing to concern yourself with is recognizing this time, as it will not stand out and be obvious.

Associated Colors:

Lavender for Knowledge and Intuition, Blue for Peace and Tranquility

Meditation For The High Priestess – Upright

The tarot meditation for the High Priestess card upright is a place of peaceful inaction and wisdom, observation and non-interference until the time is right.

Once the time and space are right for an uninterrupted meditation, place the card in front of you. When the candle and incense are lit, take a few breaths to the center. Look at this Major Arcana card without actually seeing it. You’ll feel a sense of falling or being ‘drawn’ into the card, accompanied by a sense of ease.

You will find yourself in a chamber. All about you will be chaos. People will be frantically going about their business, attempting to get things done. They will dash to and fro, pester each other about minor details, and perform pointless tasks.

The noise can be unbearable; it may be the crash of dishes or the constant talk of the bidding room floor on Wall Street. Whatever it is, it will be constant and frenetic.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The High Priestess Upright Card

Your first task is to find the High Priestess. She may be sitting aloof and above, watching those scrambling around her with quiet contemplation. She may be moving among the crowd, untouched, serene, like a rock around which the waves of the chaos break.

But she is not idle. Even when sitting above, her eyes and ears take in everything. She may pause to watch a conversation, or she may pick up a paper and set it aside, but none of her actions are hurried or frantic. She is merely aware of her surroundings and waiting for the answer to her current situation to present itself.

You may be able to speak with her. She may be too withdrawn to answer. It largely depends on how deep into the meditation you have gotten and where you are. There will be a lesson for you among the chaos, and it will make itself apparent to you in time.


Try to emulate the Priestess. Try to embrace that serenity and quiet observation. It is in that place that the true lesson of this meditation will reveal itself to you.

If you maintain a tarot journal,  be sure to write down your thoughts. Pay special care to the chaos of the room you were in, how the priestess maintained her serenity, and anything else that seemed particularly important to you.

Remember that the High Priestess tarot card meditation means quiet wisdom and observation.

Associated Colors:

Red for Vibrant Energy

Meditation For The High Priestess – Reversed

The tone of the High Priestess tarot card meditation in an inverted position is a frenetic pointless action and uselessly expended energy and a state of stress. Look at this card blankly. Do you feel drawn towards it, accompanied by a sense of unease and worry?

You will find yourself in a chamber. All is at peace there. The people are calmly going about their business, taking care of these details and that little thing. All are relaxed, calm, and happy in their current situation.

This is a place that functions perfectly, with every member doing their part to keep the situation calm and content.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The High Priestess Reversed Card

The High Priestess will stand out like a sore thumb here. She is frantically going everywhere, checking on everything and everyone, upsetting them in their place. She is constantly trying to fix things and reorganize them.

In some cases, it will result from a broken vase, which she is trying to fix when the tools are not available. In all things, she is active, her hair frazzled, her clothes disheveled, and her hands constantly trying to fix things, make things right, correct them.

Please take note of her eyes, for her eyes are closed. She sees nothing. She hears no one. If you attempt to speak to her, she will ignore you at best or rail at you about how she has no time. Can’t you see that things are awry?

Watching her is your best way to find the lesson here for you. Follow the frantic creature, or watch the chaos she puts in her wake in an attempt to fix things she has no control over.

Note down the results of the Priestess’ actions, for she is her own worst enemy here. Remember that this card’s meaning is a frantic pointless activity and constant attempts to control things you cannot.

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