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Soul Motivation Number: Long Lasting Relationships

Harness the Power of Your Passion with an Understanding of your Soul Motivation Number

One of the major factors that stands out in successful people, as per their soul motivation number, is their passion for life and the activity that they engage in. Passion provides a massive motivational force that drives them forward and fuels their purpose and perseverance to achieve their goals. Passion is anchored by emotions, also commonly known, as your heart.


The expression “to have your heart in it” is a maxim often used to stress the need to focus your emotions on the task at hand. This way, you will perform the same to your very best. By studying your numerology compatibility profile you may gain a greater understanding of your true passion motivators and how to work with others.

When you develop the ability to get your passion in rhythm with your soul motivation, the driving force that gives you the greatest feeling of a totally fulfilled life, then your purpose becomes clearer. Therefore, what you need to do to realize it is better determined. We need to think of numerology compatibility profiles in respect of all aspects of our lives. This will give us the greatest chance of success in whatever we put our minds to.


Soul Motivation Number Numerology

By calculating your soul motivation number and studying the tendencies of your needs that underlie your personality, you will grow. This number will enable you to get a deeper understanding of that passion that is capable of driving you to achieve higher levels of achievement. This way, you will be in a position to realize your true purpose. You must grasp firm control of your emotional profile to do this. The revelations gained from the reading of your soul motivation calculation will greatly assist you in this objective and give you a numerology compatibility profile that is congruent with the whole of your life.


As shown in the article how to calculate your main numbers the soul motivation number is calculated from the vowel in your whole birth name. Here is a guide to the tendencies endowed by these numbers.

Soul motivation number 1

You’re driven by a need to be the best at whatever you put your mind to. You may feel that you have a connection with the supreme power of the universe. This keeps you on a course in which you stand by everything for which others depend on you. You may see yourself as the center of your world with all around you commanding your attention. However, you must keep in mind that to command, you must serve.


Soul motivation number 2

The admiration of others and the need to be loved by all those around you is a strong influence in your life. You may have tremendous trust and belief in other people which, if broken, will lead you down a path of despair and disappointment. Learn to understand that we are only human and as such are susceptible to making mistakes as we travel through life.

Soul motivation number 3

You find that a need to express your full personality fuels your drive to achieve in different areas. Areas such as the performing arts of drama and singing or indeed any arena of public performance such as politics or talk show hosting. You have a need to be appreciated and celebrated for your work. Your biggest challenge is coming to terms with the criticism of others.

Soul motivation number 4

A deep need for order, harmony, and strength may drive you to be a perfectionist in all that you do. You may have a love of art, both still and moving, and all things beautiful in appearance, form, and movement. You may have to come to understand that others may see your way of life as obsessive and controlling.

Soul motivation number 5

You may find that you have a restless urge to experience new things, continually take part in new adventures that make it difficult for you to settle anywhere. This passion drives you to milk every last drop of life out of every moment that you spend on this plane of existence. However, it may pay to try and set down some sort of foundation, as you make your way recklessly through life, for your later years.

Soul motivation number 6

You may find that your love of others, and the need to care for them, give you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. As a teacher and mentor, you may reach out to provide others with wise counseling and support. This you do so that they may take the lessons you give and live their lives in harmony with all that is around them. Your caring nature, however, can lead you to become attached to those close to you. Hence, it becomes difficult to let go when the relationship is over.

Soul motivation number 7

An insatiable thirst for knowledge about all things scientific and metaphysical may lead you to seek knowledge in all manner of disciplines. Science, physics, history, and archaeology together with religion and metaphysics provide with the intellectual stimulation you desperately need. Often you find difficulty in relating to lesser academically inclined people. You may become irrepressibly cynical with those that don’t understand you.

Soul motivation number 8

A strong motivation to accumulate wealth and build family dynasties is often the hallmark of this soul motivation number. You perform at your best when operating from a position of power. From this position of power, you can build organizations that improve people’s lives and create value in the world. Your focus is on making the lives of those close to you richer and more opulent. This may lead you down a path in which you think that “money rules” and can buy you anything.

Soul motivation number 9

Spirituality is the essence of your soul motivation. You desire a deep connection to connect with others through religious and spiritual belief systems, both conventional and more esoteric. Often, you have strong empathy toward others that gives you very sharp intuitive skills when engaging with those around you. You may have strong idealistic convictions that make it hard for you to come to terms with reality. Therefore, you can be seen by others as being an unrealistic fanatic.

Soul motivation number 11

This number endows one with the drive to seek out the absolute truth and meaning of life and existence. Someone who needs to gain a complete and holistic understanding of the universe and our place in it. You may search out teachers and sages, in all corners of the world, to assist you on your path to understanding. Your goal is to become the head and supreme authority of a religion or spiritual belief system that explains all. This may result in disappointment and despair as you discover you are only human and the truths you seek are mere expressions of the human condition.

Soul motivation number 22

You have the noblest and most powerful soul drives of all the numbers. Yours have a need to make the world a better place. You may find that you have all of the attributes needed; intelligence, perseverance, courage, and charisma. You would do well to study philosophy, the social sciences together with the metaphysical arts. This way, you gain a full understanding of human thought and our place in the macrocosm of existence.


Now that you have a clearer understanding of the soul motivational forces that need to be heard, work towards understanding, developing, and making them the driving force underlying your passion for life. This way, you can develop a numerology compatibility profile that gives you total fulfillment in life. Not only in your relationships with your loved ones but with the complete sphere of existence.

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