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Leech Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Stay Away From Toxicity

Leech Spirit Animal: Symbolism And Meaning

The Leech spirit animal is one of the rare species in the world that feeds on the blood of other vertebrates. Some species of leeches are, in fact, predators, and they ingest smaller animals. They live in water; therefore, the leech is closely connected to the water element.


Leech Spirit Animal signifies detoxification. It is time to take a close look at your life and let the Leech help you get rid of toxicity. It also symbolizes purification.

Leech represents calmness and hidden activity. When sucking blood, it bites into the host and only lets go when it´s full. This represents a calm attitude towards reaching your goals. Trust the process and enjoy the journey towards your goals. The leach will lead you toward the life force. It only lets go when it´s full- this is a lesson for you to take the most advantage of what you have.


Description Of The Leech Spirit Animal

The leach needs blood to survive. Blood represents life and death. Throughout history, humanity has had a deep fascination and fear of blood. Blood sacrifices were made for gods as a great honor; women were vilified because of the intimate nature of their bodies and blood.  People have always been fascinated and scared of animals that feed on blood; this is a cause for a lot of fiction throughout history. And mostly, the fear of bloodsucking animals is reasonable because these tiny jet vicious creatures spread many diseases.


Although the blood-sucking animals may be feared, as totems, they also have important lessons to tell.

The leach reminds us to focus on relationships. As much as you would want to be truly kind, generous, and loved by everyone around you, even the kindest person can get into a fight with others for no apparent reason. The leach reminds us that it is not always realistic to maintain only good relationships in life. There will be evil wishers and people who are indifferent towards your feelings.


Every person feels the need to be generous and do good things for others. The leech reminds you that sometimes you need to be in a receiving position. You have your needs, and even if you are a truly generous person, don´t forget about the benefit to yourself. To survive, the leach does what it has to do. It will attach itself to the source of blood by biting or producing sticky saliva; it injects an anticoagulant in the bite place to allow the blood to continue flowing.

Encountering Leech Totem

If you encounter a leech on your path, it might be a warning that you are getting drained from your time and energy. There is a presence in your life that is taking too much from you. This might be a project or a person. In case it is a person, you have to remain compassionate. Sometimes people need attention, and as we can learn from the leech, getting things you want can sometimes be brutal.

Remember, that leech is a small animal, and although its bite can be painful and unpleasant, it is still a little creature that sucks just a tiny bit of your blood. The same goes for people that seem to be doing you harm. They might just want a little piece from you- either it´s attention or something you have, but it will not make a huge difference for you if you keep your calm. Of course, make sure it doesn’t drain you too much.

This totem can also be a representation of something irritating in your life. Some emotions can be very draining. Take a good look around you to see what these things are. Of course, there can be many things that drain your energy, but be careful with trying to eliminate them. Trying to solve all your problems can be more draining than the actual problems.

Leech Power Animal

Take time to solve your issues. If some people irritate you, don´t try to resolve some conflicts, but avoid these people. Remember that there are people who don´t have to have a reason for fighting with you. It´s just in their nature to keep draining others energy.

Leech can also bring you a warning that you are close to the point of destructing yourself. These irritations you have are now added up, and you are close to a breaking point. This totem reminds you to set straight boundaries. You might have let too many “bloodsuckers” be around you, and now it´s getting the best of you. Take time to see your life in perspective.

There might be someone in every part of your life who is draining your energy, but you haven´t paid attention to that these influences sum up. This might be the time to end some relationships to maintain your mental and spiritual health. After resolving these problems, you will have gained the strength to build your boundaries and keep away the forces that can drain you.

Deeper Insight On The Leech Spirit Animal

It is good to be in a selfish position for a while. There might be times when you are going through some emotional or financial problems, and focusing only on yourself is the right thing. But make sure you don´t get stuck in a constant position of being the leech. It might be okay to get bitten once, but if this happens, again and again, it gets irritating.

This is a lesson to learn from the leech- having a habit of constantly trying to get things from others will not be tolerated. People might overlook your selfishness if it happens only once, but being constantly in the position of a taker will make you lose people around you. Being the “parasite” will repulse the people around you and might cause a counteraction towards you. Use the opportunities to benefit yourself, but make sure to move forward to other ones.

Leech Medicine and Its Presence In Dreams

Leeches have been used for medical purposes. This symbolizes the need for balance in the universe. Even if a bite can seem harmful and unpleasant, correctly used it can benefit the right person. It is a reminder that everyone and everything has its place in this world. Maybe the thing you most hate in your life can give you a certain benefit later on.

In your dreams, being covered with leeches signifies your dissatisfaction with your body. Leeches being used for medicinal purposes might warn you about sickness in your family.

The main lesson that has to be learned from the leech is the balance between good and evil, giving and taking. Be considerate towards others and find the right moment to benefit and the right moment when you have to be the generous one.

Leech Spirit Animal: Conclusion

It seems so violent and somewhat cruel, but the leech has to do these things to get the necessary food. The lesson to take from this is that you should be honest with yourself and go for what you need. It does not always mean to be indifferent or cruel towards others; it just means you shouldn´t listen to others’ admonition if you believe you´re going after what you truly need. You have to learn these lessons with caution.

A leech will never care about the means of meeting its needs, but as a human being, there are certain moral standards. When going after your goals, remember to be humane and ethical. Being unethical will take away a lot of your energy and bring negativity into your life. Be careful when taking lessons from the leech.

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