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Candle Dream Meaning

Candle in Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What Does a Candle Dream Mean in Reality?

Candle dreams have different meanings depending on what is happening in your waking life. A candle in your dream is a sign that you must connect with your spirituality and do things that nourish your spirit. Your spiritual life matters a lot. Ensure you have a working relationship with the divine realm and your divine guides.


Dreaming of a candle means that you should know yourself better. Self-knowledge will get you through life. Remain true to yourself and do the things that make you happy. In all you do, ensure that you put yourself first. It is good to take care of others, but do not forget about your wellbeing. Take care of yourself first, then worry about others later.

Based on the candle dream analysis, dreaming of candles means that your life is filled with light, peace, harmony, and joy. You need to be grateful for the good things manifesting in your life. As long you lead your life on the right path, everything will work out for the better. To better understand your dream, you need to pay attention to the details in your dream.


Candle Dream Interpretations

Seeing Candles in Your Dream

According to the candle dream dictionary, this dream symbolizes good luck. Great things will manifest in your life. You will make progress in most aspects of your life. Luck is on your side; therefore, you should make good use of the opportunities that come into your life.

So many candles in your dream are a sign that you should follow the right path in life. Do not ignore the light in your life that guides you in the right direction.


What Does a White Candle Symbolize in your Dream?

A white candle in your dream signifies positive outcomes, peace, and harmony. Your life is on the right track; therefore, you should be proud of yourself and your achievements.

Red Candle

Seeing a red candle in your dream means that something terrible will soon happen in your life. You should be ready for anything that might manifest in your life. It is not all the time that things will run smoothly in your life. Challenges will come and go, but you should always be ready to overcome them.


Black Candle

A black candle in your dream is a sign that you should explore hidden and mysterious things in the quest to find the truth. However, you should be careful not to get yourself into trouble.

Blue Candle

Dreaming of a blue candle means that you should achieve peace of mind in your waking life. It also means that you should embrace your individuality.

Green Candle

A green candle in your dream is symbolic of good health and longevity.

Orange Candle

Dreaming about an orange candle is a sign that you will enjoy happy moments in your life. It is also a sign of lasting friendships and healthy relationships with others.

Pink Candle

Dreaming of a pink candle means that you should be honest with yourself in everything you do. It is also a sign that you should work on your relationship with your loved ones.

Purple Candle

A purple candle in your dream symbolizes realizing your goals and aspirations. Success and abundance will make their way into your life.

Dreaming of Holding a Candle

This dream is a sign that you are afraid of challenges in your life. You do not know how to handle yourself when confronted with the same. Find the confidence and grace to overcome challenges. If many things are happening in your life simultaneously, seek guidance and assistance from others. Do not deal with challenging situations on your own.

Dreaming of holding a candle might be a sign that you have all the light you need to walk down a dark path.

What is the Significance of a Dream About a Candle That Goes Out?

The candle dream symbol, in this case, means that you have the courage, strength, and wisdom to make things happen in your waking life. You will do everything possible to accomplish your goals. You are surrounded by people who have your back at all times. Make good use of your resources, and you will achieve great things.

Dreaming of Lighting a Candle

Lighting a candle in your dream means that you should bring happiness and joy into your life. You have worked so hard to create a life that best suits you. You should celebrate your strengths. Appreciate your hard work and be proud of yourself.

This dream is a sign that you should guide people in the right direction. People depend on you because they can count on you to have their back. It also signifies good news and positive energies that keep flowing in your life. You are blessed; therefore, be grateful for everything good you have going.

Dreaming of lighting a candle symbolizes finding solutions to problems derailing your growth. Let light illuminate your path in life. You have better chances of maintaining a happy and fulfilled life. Share your blessings with others, and the divine realm will continue to bless you.

Seeing A Broken Candle in Your Dream

Based on the candle dream symbolism, this dream means that you should be open to opportunities that challenge you to become better. Find the light that will illuminate your path. Open yourself up to new adventures and learn new things that will enable you to expand your knowledge.

This dream also means that you need to establish balance in your life. Do what makes you happy and pay equal attention to all aspects of your life. From your past experiences, you will know how to make wise decisions and choices that will get you ahead.

You should be mature in making decisions that affect your life in one way or the other. Clean your attitude with intelligence and use your inner wisdom to make things better in your life. Brighten your path, and you will positively impact people’s lives in the process.

Dreams About a Melting Candle

This dream means that you should be careful how you handle your affairs and approach situations in your waking life. If you live a careless life, you will easily lose everything you have worked hard for.

A melting candle in your dream is a warning from your psyche that you should be careful with the people you interact with. It is not everyone that means well. Always exercise due diligence with the people you let into your social circle.

Dreaming of Blowing Out a Candle

This dream is a sign that you will have to give up something important to you because of circumstances beyond your control. In life, you have to make some sacrifices so that you can make things better in your life. Some things are beyond your control; therefore, you should not worry about them.

Dream About Scented Candles

Candles that smell nice in your dream are symbolic of achieving success and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

An unpleasant scent from candles might mean that your plans will fail; therefore, you need to be ready for negative outcomes.

Candles on a Birthday Cake in Your Dream

This dream is a sign that you should stop running away from your responsibilities. Pay attention to the things in your life that you need to do. Focus on how well you can get things in your life instead of neglecting your responsibilities.

Dreaming of Buying Candles

This dream means that you have decided to invest in yourself. You should be proud of the great things you can do. Use your inner wisdom to make decisions that will benefit you and the people around you. It is a sign that you should also work on your spiritual life.

Candle Dream Symbolism

Spiritual Guidance

Dreaming of a candle symbolizes seeking spiritual guidance in your life. You need others to help you on your life’s journey. There are so many things that you cannot handle that need help, support, and guidance from others. Ensure that you have spiritual guides and mentors that you trust with your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

Candles in your dream are a message from your subconscious mind that you should seek enlightenment that will enable you to bring light into your life. Know what you want in life and how best to achieve the same. You will reach your goals if you remain committed, determined, and focused.

Hope and Light

No matter how hard things are in your life, you should not give up on yourself. Always remain positive and optimistic. Things will get better because everything happens for a reason; therefore, you should brace yourself for anything and be ready. You will always find your way out of tricky situations.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Candle Dream

Candle dreams are a sign that you should focus on your spiritual journey and hope that things will improve. You will go through challenges in life, but you will always find your way through them. Seek guidance and help when you need the same, and you will get it.

Dreaming of a candle means that you should allow light and positive energies to flow into your life. Be someone who thrives in doing good things. Negativity should not make up the bulk of your life. You are capable of getting through anything in life. Believe in yourself and keep the faith.

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