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Ingwaz: Growth And Development In The Future

Ingwaz Meaning And Interpretation

It’s a sign of intense and devilish things that can happen in your life. You have to wait for short and devil things you will have to overcome as you think of growth.  Ingwaz’s meaning says Nothing should deter your expectations as you imagine something unique in your life.


Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Refers to resistance and objecting out of something that is not working in the right way. So, the forces that are opposing your growth ought to go without any impact on your life. So, be strong and look for every opportunity to change your perspective on life. Thus, use your strength well as you gather confidence to overcome hurdles.


Ingwaz Meaning

Represent the power and critical objective in what you do. So, you have to be considerate and do everything that will not oppose your opinion. Thus, look for something that can play a crucial role in changing your perspective in life.


What Does Ingwaz Symbolize?

Nothing substantial can take place in your life if you don’t make some sacrifices. Always think of making life simple by going the extra step to achieve what you want. You, therefore, have to be keen on everything that you aspire to gain. So, keep going forward and have the opportunities to change your life.


Ingwaz Reversed Meaning

Working hard and looking for a chance are the best ways to attract your success. However, if you don’t work bright and show determination, the realization of your dreams might take so long. So, you have to keep going in a direction that cements all your desires. Set firm goals that might help in pushing your agenda.

Ingwaz Upright Meaning

What you are doing to change your life is the signal of Thurisaz upright. The right analog is to bring the essential aspects of your life to existence. Nonetheless, you have to the priorities that can play a crucial function in bringing out the best in you. Never allow anything opposing your effort to distract your attention.

Nordic Runes

It’s all about mysterious things that you might encounter as you think of making life better. So, never lose the urge to get the right things despite your struggles in your struggles. Stage to something that accrues a positive attitude and success.

Ingwaz Power

Inggwaz consists of attack, power, violence, and anger. You are showing the motions that can ruin all your plans. Nothing meaningful can come when you don’t push yourself beyond the limiting thoughts. So, control your attitude and look for what will work best on your side.

Ingwaz Protection

It returns negative things to the sender. But you have to be strong in your faith as you think of making life more comfortable. Always have the right mentality to change aspects of life that you cannot control. The forces might make you choose the wrong channel of success.

Ingwaz Rune Meaning Love

Think of love from a perspective that brings energy to your life. Never allow opposing efforts to deter your progress. Lastly, the Ingwaz rune god is offering you guidance to achieve something big.

Rune Poem for Ingwaz

“Ing wæs ærest mid Eástdenum
gesewen secgum, oð he síððan eást
ofer wæg gewát. wæn æfter ran.
þus Heardingas þone hæle nemdon.”

“Ing was first amidst the East Danes
so seen until he went eastward
over the sea. His wagon ran after.
Thus the Headings named that hero.”

Rune Name – Ingwaz

Aett – Tyr’s

Aett Position – Sixth

Ingwaz – Upright Meaning


Approval from yourself and others, a time of harmony, times of peace and love, gestation period, coming expectation of others, time to be oneself, alone. Rest and respite.


ingwazThe Ingwaz rune of Elder Futhark tells us that the time in which we live is a time of attainment and peace. There is growth moving forward within our lives.

The seed gestates beneath the soil so does this potential gestate within us. The best way to take advantage of this situation is to pull within. It is time for something of a hermitage to have a clear mind to take these lessons.

Ingwaz also heralds a fundamental time in our lives when our four selves have, for the moment, come into perfect balance. Our physicality is at its peak, perfect for the time we are in.

Emotionally we are sound and stable, as are we mentally. And our spirits are in a position to allow the lessons learned along our path to bear fruit.

Ingwaz – Merkstave Meaning


Disapproval, discord, arguments, the corruption of love, the oncoming conflict, complications with pregnancy, disappointment in the face of expectations, powerless, dispersal, changeless motion, frivolity, immaturity.


ingwaz merkstaveWhen the Merkstave shrouds the Ingwaz rune, we find it in a time of tumult. Ingwaz is deeply tied to the element of Earth, and when marked by the merkstave, that ground is unstable and rotten.

It will rock and roll with the turmoil of interaction between those once in support of each other. Our expectations shall meet disappointment, lacking the firm foundation upon which they need to grow.

It can speak of the dampening of the male fire, the inability to perform both in a sexual sense, as well as a lack of power to achieve our goals. We may frantically work to make things come to be.

But in the end, they will bring nothing but disappointment, and our energy shall be wasted. It can also speak of the stunted growth of one or all of our four selves. We may not be ready to face the challenges ahead emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically.

If this is the case, this rune gives us ample warning to prepare ourselves as best we can but advises that we better still turn aside.


Ingwaz’s teachings on getting the right channel will help you in achieving growth and development. Let opportunities come and expand your thoughts.

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