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Chinese Symbols For Longevity: Living A Healthy Life

Chinese Symbols for Longevity: Symbols of Good Health

Chinese symbolism for longevity indicates that you need to do something in life that will improve your health by making it your end goal. Perhaps you should remember that your health is a priority that will make your life successful. Besides, you need to work out every day to maintain your physical fitness and to make you strong. You can motivate yourself to become better each day because no one understands what you want. You are the main reason for your existence. Equally, living a good life is living a healthy life all through. Let us look at some Chinese symbols for longevity.


Moreover, the Chinese meaning implies that you can live a happy life tomorrow if you are willing to take the hard way. Only the hard way will lead you to the destination you deserve. You grow each day when you do something valuable. Do not waste your time focusing on things that will not create the future you deserve. Notably, you deserve to live the life you want and make great decisions that will show your greatness.


Chinese Symbols For Longevity

A person can learn a lot about a culture when they look at the symbolism they put on simple plants and animals. The Chinese culture puts a lot of emphasis on symbolism in animals and plants that a person might see every day. Therefore, learning about these Chinese symbols is a great way to learn about the culture a little bit more.


This article will discuss some Chinese symbols for longevity: bamboo, cicada bugs, the heron bird, and the gourd and peach plants. Like many cultures, the Chinese put a large emphasis on the idea of longevity, living a long and prosperous life. Because of this, the following symbols of longevity are highly important in Chinese culture.

Cicada Symbol Meaning

The cicada is a small bug, but it had a large impact on the lives and deaths of the ancient Chinese. The cicada has a very long lifespan when compared to other bugs. This is part of the reason why the Chinese used this insect totem as a symbol of longevity. The bug may have had more of an impact on death than it did on life. This bug was not a ruthless killer, though.


The Chinese would carve small jade cicadas if they could afford them and put them in the mouths of their deceased loved ones. This was supposed to ensure that their journey in the next life would be enjoyable. This cicada also symbolizes joy, youth, and death. Life is about the process, and whatever you are facing today is part of the things that will change your life. Equally, you need to understand that your life will change gradually.

Bamboo Symbolism

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Even though it grows fast, it doesn’t skip out on important features for itself. Bamboo is an extremely strong and durable plant, but it is also flexible as well. This plant can be used for many different things, ranging from carpet mats to furniture. This plant grows all year long and stays green for much of it as well. Overall, the bamboo plant’s symbolic meaning is held in high regard by the Chinese. Those who believe in Feng Shui say that it is a good idea to plant bamboo in front of your home. Along with longevity, bamboo also symbolizes strength, dependability, and adaptability.chinese symbols for longevity

Crane Symbol

The crane is also an important symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. In one Chinese myth, it said that there were four different types, or colors, of cranes. These were the white, black, yellow, and blue cranes. The most important of these cranes to the longevity symbolism was the black crane, which was said to live for over half a millennium. The crane cannot live for that long, no matter what color it is, but it still makes a great symbol of longevity nonetheless. The crane also has other symbolism attached to it, such as luck, determination, wisdom, and power.

The crane symbolism brings the potential that you have towards your future life. How you fix yourself in the world will determine who you will become. Do things now that will improve your health because you are accountable for managing your life. Notably, you will win your race if you are in a position to handle yourself.

Peach Symbolism

Lastly, the peach is another Chinese symbol of longevity. It is not just the peach itself that is important in Chinese culture, but the whole peach tree. The wood of the peach tree was said to be able to ward off bad energies and evil. Warriors would often make weapons out of this wood for this reason. The petals that would later bloom into peaches were said to have magic in them and could induce love, making peace a symbol of romantic love. The peach itself was sometimes seen as a symbol of immortality. There is even a legend about a magic peach tree that only produces fruit every three thousand years that will give three thousand extra years of life to anyone who eats it. All of these things make up the longevity symbolism for the peach.

Peach, meaning according to longevity, implies that this is the moment to remember. In other words, you should not do things that will destroy your life. Live a happy life by not becoming afraid to face changes. If you trust the process and choose the right path, then you will achieve whatever you are looking for. Perhaps, the consistency that leads you to excellence. Equally, accept the things changes that are taking place and try to fix your problems instantly.

Gourd Symbol Meaning

In case you don’t already know, a gourd is a type of plant that looks much like an exaggerated pear. It has the same basic shape, but it is larger, and the food instead of it would be more comparable to a pumpkin rather than a pear.

The type of gourd that is used as the Chinese symbol for longevity is the bottle gourd. The juices in the gourd in mythology are said to be an ingredient to the elixir of life, or the juice of immortality, like a portable fountain of youth. In China and nearby countries, gourds are sometimes painted and decorated to promote good chi and ward off bad energy. The gourd is also a symbol of luck and life.

Now that you know more about the symbol of longevity in Chinese culture, you can appreciate this complex culture and its symbolism even more. You can keep learning about Chinese culture by reading some of the other articles about Chinese symbolism on this website as well!

Chinese Symbols for Longevity: Summary

Chinese symbol for longevity implies that you need to set an example of living a life according to your rules. Thus, motivate yourself that you will make it and let the culture you have, become your strength to keep going. Success is around the corner because you are doing the right thing. Notably, you are your inspiration because you can do things that will make you better. Live a real life, and the world will know your name.

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