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Karmic Debt Reading

Karmic Debt Reading

The karmic debt number in numerology indicates the mistakes we have made in our previous lifetimes. The results of those mistakes are generally faced in the next lifetime by a person. We also learn the methods to handle and rectify them. We also get many opportunities in our life.

This numerology number also signifies the misuse of opportunities in your previous lifetimes. You can rectify the error in this lifetime by taking an additional burden known as Karmic Debt. In more elaborate terms we know that the spiritual being or the soul incarnates on the earth many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness.

During this long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we generally gather lot of wisdom, and have gone through many experiences and learnt from those experiences. We have also made mistakes, and have sometimes abused the natural talents and gifts we have been given. To correct such misdeeds and errors, we may take on an additional burden to our next birth in order to learn a particular lesson that we failed to learn in our past life. In numerological terms this burden is called a Karmic Debt. Try the below numerology calculator to get your free reading for Karmic Debts.

What Do Your Karmic Debt Numbers Mean?

Karmic Debt Number 13

The Karmic Debt number 13 in a numerology reading signifies the consequences you may face due to the duties avoided in your previous lives. You will have to be alert and hardworking to make up for the mistakes that you have done in your previous lives. You will face many obstacles in your life because of your Karma. You will have to be cool and composed to overcome those obstacles.

If you are organized and disciplined, you will achieve your goals. Doing work in an organized and methodical manner can free you from the Debt and also bring success in your life. People with Karmic Debt number 13 are generally hard workers and strugglers. This debt is due to the hard work that you have avoided in your previous lives. Thus the consequence of this number is that you will have to do the hard work that you have avoided in your previous lives.

You may face many hurdles, tackle with many ups and downs and even speed breakers. You just have to stay alert and focused. People in business and commercial fields, arts and sports share this number. You will need to be disciplined and focused to work hard so that the influence of this debt is subdued. You should see that you don’t get diverted and avoid laziness. You need to be more disciplined and bring order in your life. You should not waste your energy on multiple projects.


Karmic Debt Number Fourteen

You don’t like to follow conventions and want to try different and innovative ways of dealing with a situation. You have a carefree nature. You cherish your independence. You are flexible and you can adapt to different situations in life. Sometimes you misuse your freedom and abuse your power.

The debt is due to the misuse of power made in your earlier lives. You are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable due to the consequences of this Karmic Debt. The consequences of your previous deeds might hurt your feelings and you will indulge in alcohol and drugs to seek solace. You need to remain balanced and down to earth, modest and respect the feelings of other people as well to avoid the consequences of this number and be successful in your goals and desires.

You need to be optimistic and goal oriented. This way you will come up with flying colors. As mentioned earlier this debt is due to abuse of freedom and indulgence in the wrong things in your previous lifetimes. The debt might hurt your sensitive feelings and you might be in great pain. Avoid indulgence in nicotine, alcohol, drugs to avoid pain. Try to accept changes. Many times you may be forced to change in certain hard circumstances and then it will be tougher than expected to accomplish your tasks.

Karmic Debt Number 16

You are spiritually inclined and search for the hidden truths of life. You have the abilities to attain high spiritual awareness. This number indicates the consequences you suffer due to the mistakes you have made in a love affair in your previous lives. You need to think about and respect the feelings of others. You are very egoistic. You need to subdue your ego to a considerable amount so that you don’t disrespect others and hurt their feelings.

People with this number have the ability of attaining the real truth of life. You have the probability of reaching very near to high spiritual awareness. This debt is due to your negligence in love affairs that hurt people around you in your previous lifetimes. You should avoid having an egoistic nature. Sometimes you suffer from an inferiority complex. Try to overcome that. Learn to think about others’ feelings and needs. Then your ego, which had been inflated, will need to be subdued and this is a very painful process for you.

Those with the 16 Karmic Debt should try to subdue their ego. Very often, those with the 16 as their Karmic Debt number are highly intuitive and intelligent. You have a tendency of looking down upon others and you think the rest of the world as inferior. This makes you isolated from others. You may suffer from intense alienation and loneliness.

Free Karmic Debt Number Reading

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There is a probability that your ego will be hurt by others and this might bring bitterness in you. The 16 Karmic Debt can be a source of progress and great spiritual growth if it is taken in the positive sense. You will develop great faith by placing one’s life in the hands of God. Through such faith in God, gratitude and peace are firmly established.

Karmic Debt Number 19

Karmic Debt 19 people are born leaders and you have the abilities to overcome any obstacles that come in your way. You have the abilities to change the adverse situations in your favor. You are a hard worker and a fighter. Though you are independent, you need the love and support of others for self-satisfaction. You have the tendency to be self-centered and arrogant.

This number indicates the consequences you suffer because of the misuse of power you made in your earlier life. You tend to overlook others’ abilities. You should learn to trust other abilities and work in a mutual interdependent manner. You are a self-made man. You have faced many difficult situations in life. Thus you were forced to stand on your own feet without any help from others.

You have will power and the energy needed to struggle and fight with obstacles. This karmic debt is due to the abuse of power in your previous lifetimes. But still you may gain from the support from others, as you are a very emotional and sensitive person. It’s very important to free your mind and know the value of mutual interdependence. You should not use others for your purpose and then forget them. You should value other’s advice and accept them. You should stop blaming them for your mistakes.

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