Sunday, October 2, 2022

Pet Astrology – Dealing with Behavior Problems

Influence of Astrology on Animal Behavior

There are many instances when the motivation for examining an animal’s chart goes beyond our curiosity to perhaps learn whether you and your pet might have a special chart rapport. These days many people are turning, not just to behavioral specialists, but even to psychologists and medication to deal with serious emotional and behavioral problems with their pets.

Whether these problems stem from a previous owner’s abuse or other environmental factors, often we can help these animals dramatically just by understanding their brand of sensitivity – their emotional nature and how it differs from ours, or from what we would like it to be. We are then able to find solutions that involve simply determining ways to meet the needs that are unique to their astrological energies.

Nature  of Animals

The remedy might be that you would need to find a new home for a very nervous high strung dog (his chart may reflect many major planets in the ultra-sensitive Element of Air). Perhaps your household just has too much commotion and too many intense family members to be able to provide this particular dog with the more serene environment that he requires.

But, if the chart showed a very sensitive dog with high Air, but also some Earth for grounding and Fire for confidence, this dog would likely respond well to changes the family might be able to make in their interactions around the dog.

If you have a dog that is destroying the house when left alone, two types of charts come to mind in regard to what the problem might be. First, the chart might show that this dog is very curious (perhaps Sun and Mercury in Gemini) and active (perhaps Mars in Sagittarius) and therefore easily bored.

Maybe just providing more toys and more exercise – take him for a run before you leave – would be the answer. The other astrological factor that comes to mind is that we might see in his/her chart a very strong influence in the Western Hemisphere thereby making this dog very needy of attention.

Solving this problem could involve placing him in a new home if other chart factors also reflect extreme neediness. Or, you might just need to arrange your schedule to spend more “quality time” with your dog and that this time includes a brand of relating that will make your pet feel loved and valued.

While any dog would obviously enjoy more attention and a demonstration of love from us, there are many dogs whose chart energies make them exceptionally sensitive and more like a human in terms of their emotional needs.

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