Heron Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Heron Animal Totem Symbolism

The heron animal totems are the pensive, yet shrewd, variety of birds. They are unstoppably determined, using their intelligence and resourcefulness to get whatever it is they desire. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although at first it may seem cutthroat. In nature, the heron animal spirit represents a very diverse creature. It is representative of the three elements in which is resides: Earth, air and water.

Clearly, this animal guide finds transitions to be easy, and signifies that transitions in our own lives do not always need to be scary or dramatic. The heron moves through the elements with great poise and ease, and inspires us to do the same.

The heron animal symbolism can also help us with the “in-between” segments of our lives, when we are at crossroads and are unsure of which way to go. Herons are constantly stable regardless of their physical surroundings, symbolizing the vitality of calmness and fluidity in every moment of our lives.

Heron Associated Traits

Calm, Fluid, Changes, Poised, Easy, Patient, Diligent, Intelligent, Resourceful, Pensive, Shrewd, Determined, Stable


Symbolic Meaning Of Heron

The heron animal totem also symbolizes patience, and not just any kind of patience: the most diligent patience one has ever seen. When hunting, the heron can stand motionless for upwards of an hour before suddenly striking at its prey. It is highly observant, watching its victim at great lengths before piercing the surface of the water flawlessly and successfully.

For us, this signifies the great rewards that come with patience and watchfulness. If we want something bad enough, is there a limit to how long we will wait? During this time, we must also retain our focus and take solace in being still. Use the waiting time for meditation and reflection – do not waste it. It’s OK to be alone and immerse yourself in solitude sometimes. We must see the value in perfect timing in order to seize and hang on to opportunities.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

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However, the heron animal totem also knows when to accept the help of others and utilize teamwork. We are not invincible and need to be capable of recognizing when to call upon the power of strength in numbers. In partnerships, the heron is a also a team player. Both male and female herons contribute to the building of the home, breaking outside the realm of traditional gender roles and embracing equality. With some things in life, it is more stable to be a part of strong unit. If the partnership is treated with care and respect, both parties will reap the benefits.

If a heron animal symbol wades into your life, maybe it’s time for you to focus on the aspects of your life which will bring wisdom to surface. The heron meaning is a symbol of self-reliance. It encourages you to recognize that you need to be, too. Ground yourself in order to be insightful and take the measures necessary for responsible, independent living.

The heron animal spirit also teaches us how to become comfortable with the uncertain. If you are already confident in your aptitude in this area, perhaps the heron is your animal totem. Relating to this animal involves a love of exploration and finding your own path. On the surface, your life may seem unstructured, lacking stability and security. This may cause you to struggle with developing close relationships with others who do not understand the way that you live. It is entirely a matter of perspective, though, as this freedom allows you to be present in many areas and complete a variety of tasks.

As a heron person, you do not require a lot of people or things in your life in order to be happy. You are unique and simple, standing out in your own ways without the company of others. You are comfortable with trying many ways to solve problems, while others may tell you that there are only two possible results: right and wrong. Somehow, you seem to know that you are doing the right thing for you, regardless of others’ sentiments. If one way does not work, you know another will.

The heron animal symbol presents itself in your dreams as a representation of your stability, forethought, and tactfulness. It reassures you that you would do well to continue practicing them in your daily life. By continuing your efforts in this manner, you enable yourself to achieve more success. Additionally, a heron in your dream encourages you to delve a little deeper into your subconscious and see what you can find.

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