Panda Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Panda Animal Totem Symbolism

We are all well associated with the panda as an animal totem. This is a gentle giant of a creature in its black and white. Panda hurries for nothing, and concerns itself with little but continuing to enjoy life and munching happily on the bamboo shoots that grow in its native home. It’s space is important to it, as it’s world knows little conflict, and it can become easily stressed when the world impedes on its home.

Panda, as such, allows us to be open and aware to the energies that surround us, the undercurrents of the society in which we live. That sensitivity, however, also calls on us knowing how to take care of ourselves so that we will not be overwhelmed with it.

This is where her lesson about personal boundaries becomes relevant. As a spirit symbol, Panda teaches us that we must have a place of safety, of solitude. A place where we have protection from the chaotic energies of the world around us.

Panda Associated Traits

Quiescent Strength, Inner Peace, Optimism, balance of masculine and feminine, tenacity in pursuit of a goal, Privacy and personal boundaries


Symbolic Meaning Of Panda

Panda is a creature of comfort, known for its copious consumption of bamboo, up to 40 pounds a day of it in fact. Therefor the presence of Panda in your life may indicate that you are a creature of comforts, accumulations of material resources bring you peace and comfort throughout. While this is a perfectly healthy trait, you must take care lest it turn to hoarding.

Panda symbolism shows a nurturing nature. Something about Panda’s big wide eyes and soft expression serve to make it a creature that breeds relaxation and safety in those that see it.

Panda can serve to make you skilled at giving and receiving this form of emotional support. Though if she is appearing in your dreams it may be a sign that more of this is needed in your life.

Celtic Animal Birth Sign Reading

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Panda’s are also, like most bears, capable of great strength when the need arises. While this mostly serves to assist them in acquiring their sustenance throughout the day. It can also be used to face down those things that would be a problem. The meaning of Panda is to do so with care, to use its strength as a gentle spirit guide to direct those where they need to go, not as a battering ram to push through barriers.

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