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Understanding The Leo Woman

Understanding The Leo Woman

As the lioness, a Leo woman can stand out in a crowd with a loud roar or relax at home with a gentle purr. She rules over her domain, looking for loyal friends to join her pride and a strong lover who can reign beside her.

Being the middle fire sign that is ruled by the sun, it is no surprise that a Leo woman loves to be the center of attention. She is often loud, boisterous, and full of energy. She has a radiant presence that lights up a room, and she loves to spread her shining personality around to everyone she knows. She is extremely generous with her time and money, and loves to spend it on friends and family.

Expect grand gestures from the Leo lady and be ready to return the favor, or else you may see the claws come out! She takes control of any situation, and if you think you’re handling things chances are she’s handling you. But she is steady, secure and subtle in her actions, and can put anyone at ease.

Because of her outgoing personality and tremendous confidence, a Leo woman thrives in any career that allows her to be the central player. Anything in front of the camera or involving publicity is a good environment for this go-getter, along with giving speeches or presentations.

She is certainly comfortable speaking to an audience, whether in a board room or a larger auditorium. She also enjoys competition, so anything involving sales, project management or sports will certainly be in her wheelhouse. She is ready for any kind of challenge sent her way.

As for her friends, this lioness will surround herself with a variety of characters who flock to her boundless energy and enthusiasm. She can get along with anyone, but the friendships will be different depending on how well you can get along with this bossy woman. She will lavish you with attention, sure, but then she will want the spotlight back to herself.

The Leo female offers great advice and will help in any way she can to correct a situation, whether she is asked to or not. But she is also great at promoting your talents and interests – she will be your biggest supporter and will strive to help you reach your full potential. As long as you are comfortable with someone else taking the reins, then you will get along famously with this sometimes overwhelming personality.

understanding leo woman

This extends to her romantic relationships as well. Because of her dominant nature she needs a mate who is as forceful and solid as she is, one who can stand his ground against her temperament. She needs a fellow hunter who compliments her need to be out in the thick of things, taking risks and never slowing down for anything. It will be quite the thrill keeping up with her, and she will never let you down when it comes to keeping things new and exciting.

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Leo women are always looking for adventure and want a mate who is willing to try new ideas, whether for a first date or an anniversary gift or a night of passion in the bedroom. You will be the center of her universe as long as she is the center of yours, and she will reward you greatly for that position.

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