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sun in the houses

Sun In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Sun In Astrological Houses

The Sun is a highly important aspect of astrology. The Sun marks our desire to be ourselves and go on whatever path that will define us. It plays an active role in our lives every day. Let us know the influence of the sun on houses in astrology.


The Sun helps to make us who we are. It helps us to reason and bring us to the major life decisions that will help us become who we are meant to be. Take whatever the sun throws at you positively, and you should be led onto the path to success and a generally happy life. Know the influence of the sun in the houses of your natal chart.

Sun In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Sun In 1st House

The Sun In 1st House

When the Sun is in the first house, you are likely to be more self-aware of how your actions affect yourself and others. This may make you more self-confident or self-conscious. It all depends on how you take it. Don’t worry about what others think of you. You will feel best when you make a positive change.


Sun In 2nd House

The Sun In 2nd House

The Sun in the 2nd house of the horoscope will make you more possessive of what you already own. You will start to take better care of yourself and the things that you own. Do not become too materialistic during this time though. It is still important to take time to be with the people you care about.

Sun In 3rd House

The Sun In 3rd House

The Sun in the third house will bring restlessness and the feeling that you need to do something, anything. Take this time to visit friends that you do not see often. You can also try new puzzles to stimulate your brain. Just stay active!


Sun In 4th House

The Sun In 4th House

The 4th house brings along a sense of pride for your home and family. Spend time with people you care about, but don’t forget to keep improving yourself along the way. You may feel extra protective over your family during this time as well.

Sun In 5th House

The Sun In 5th House

When the Sun is in the 5th house, you are likely to want to do whatever you can to express yourself more. This may make you more creative or just generally more energetic. You will be happiest when you are doing an art project or playing a sport during this time.


Sun In 6th House

The Sun In 6th House

The 6th house ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign will make you want to be more active in your career or any other activity that you take pride in. You will be the happiest when you are busy doing something important. Find something rewarding to spend your time on.

Sun In 7th House

The Sun In 7th House

When the Sun is in the seventh house, it is a good time to work on relationships. You are likely to make progress with a romantic partner during this time. You will likely try to make new friends but feel hurt if your attempts are not accepted. Try not to get too upset about this.

Sun In 8th House

The Sun In 8th House

The eighth house is an astrological house that will make you want to experience the world around you in a deeper sense. When you want to do something you won’t let much stop you from it. Do important things or go on an adventure; you won’t regret it.

Sun In 9th House

The Sun In 9th House

The ninth house is full of want. You’ll want to know as much as you can when the Sun is in this house. You are likely to daydream about what the future holds and what you can do to get there. Share your new-found knowledge with friends and family. But, be careful not to annoy them with it.

Sun In 10th House

The Sun In 10th House

When the Sun is in the 10th house, you will be filled with a sense of wanting and needing, to accomplish a goal. You won’t feel right when someone tells you how to do something. You’ll want to do things your way to complete your big goals, as well as simple daily tasks.

Sun In 11th House

The Sun In 11th House

The Sun in the 11th house will bring with it a sense of wanting to help others in need. Social situations might make you uncomfortable during this time, as friends or family might try to pull you to a side of an argument. Stick to what you believe in. But, try to avoid letting your feelings get in the way of sound judgment.

Sun In 12th House

The Sun In 12th House

Finally, the twelfth house will come with a need to be alone more often to organize your way of thinking.

You can still help others from the side, but taking direct involvement in something is likely to stress you out. Make sure to make time for yourself.

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