Whale Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Whale Animal Totem Symbolism

Whales, the most mammoth creatures of our world, can teach us invaluable lessons about our lives. They are one of the most notable inhabitants of the sea, and thus act a supreme symbol of what the oceans have to offer us.

The water element is symbolic of our ever-flowing emotions, and sometimes these get the best of us. With such great, unexplored depths, the mysterious ocean teaches us that we, too, create environments like this within ourselves. With so much depth, we can bury and conceal an abundance of emotions.

However, the whale animal totem teaches us that sometimes we must allow these feelings to surface. As mammals, whales are extremely nurturing to their young, making them a wonderful symbol of guidance and companionship for humans.

In addition to this trait, whales are also masters of several areas: navigation, conservation, and communication. They move freely through emotional depths, expressing and listening to emotional experiences and using their energy for positive fuel.

Although the whale spirit guide has symbolic value across several cultures, it is most memorable in the Christian faith with the story of “Jonah and the Whale”. After being entrusted with a task, Jonah becomes frightened and thinks about abandoning it. A whale is then sent to swallow Jonah, and the man spends three days in its belly. This tale connects whales with the will-power of God himself.

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Instead of completing his task, Jonah was afraid and didn’t make the right decision, at first. He did not listen to his true inner self and suffered the consequences for the next few days. At some point or another, we all fall victim to giving into struggles as opposed to embracing them and using your gifts to find an effective solution.

From this story, we also see the whale spiritual animal totem signifying swallowing and digesting (or processing) information. This tells us to absorb and consider all viable options before moving forward in our actions and decision-making.

Whale Associated Traits

Guide, Companion, Nurturing, Navigating, Emotional, Intellectual, Learning, Diligent, Graceful


Symbolic Meaning Of Whale

A whale animal totem graces your life to ask you to get in touch with your inner self. You can do this most thoroughly through deep meditation and soul searching. All of the information that you require is contained within yourself, and you must learn to trust your instincts and permit your inner power to surface.

Going within yourself is the only way in which you will be able to flourish and progress at this point in your life. Whatever your goals are, you must first develop a depth of self-understanding in order to achieve them. Whales are highly intelligent creatures with great intellectual and learning capabilities.

If the whale is your spiritual totem, you can identify with these characteristics. Whale people learn from their experiences, particularly mistakes, and refrain from making the same error twice.

This, along with adaptability, will enable you to take on the most challenging tasks in life. You always know that you’ll be capable of learning whatever it is you need to succeed.

Like the whale meaning, you must know how to use your strong voice to get what you want without being forceful or domineering. Stay on track with grace and diligence, and you will find yourself swimming through life charismatically.

When the gargantuan whale frequents your dreams, it is serving as a symbolism that you need to be more outgoing or more vocal about something. If there is a problem or you want something, you must not be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself and your interests.

The whale animal totem symbolizes spiritual guidance, and it is letting you know that you are ready to confront the difficulties in your life. Use your emotions to form a connection between the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself. Once you balance your internal self and all of its intricacies, you will be able to live successfully and happily.

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