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Thurisaz Rune Meaning: Thorn Of Awakening

Thurisaz Rune: Responding to Change

Thurisaz rune illustrates the irrelevance behind the people who don’t like change, whereby they ignore to initiate any kind of change. That is the mentality of a loser because they cannot see the goodness within them. They should simply see the bigger picture within any form of change because changes do happen for a positive reason. Therefore, you should not only see the negative side behind any change but do see the positive result it carries. That is why you will find less successful people in the worldly realm because they cannot see what is right for them. More so, you should avoid putting yourself in comfortable zones because that is the greatest thing that has killed innocent souls. Notably, you should be willing to play hard in your life for the greatness of tomorrow.


On the other hand, Thurisaz symbolism shows the benefits of early planning. Early planning will give you the advantage of understanding your next move before it happens. In other words, you will not meet surprises in your life. Sometimes, some surprises can be very overwhelming in that you can easily lose your focus because you will be concentrating on one thing. Thus, avoid being a victim of circumstance by initiating every change you meet along the way. Equally, do not be tempted to retreat to a negative world by ignoring to change your life.


Rune Poem for Thurisaz

“ Ðorn byþ ðearle scearp;
ðegna gehwylcum anfeng ys yfyl,
ungemetum reþe manna gehwelcum,
ðe him mid resteð.”

“Thorn is very sharp · for every thane
Who grabs it? It is evil and immeasurably cruel
For every man · that with it rests.”

Rune Name – Thurisaz, or Thurs


Aett – Freyja’s

Aett Position – Third

Thurisaz Runes – Upright Meaning


Subconscious Forces, Social Energies, Thor, Epiphanies, Mental Breakthroughs, Thorn Of Awakening, Enthusiasm


thurisazGreat strength is found in the Thorn or Thurisaz rune of the Elder Futhark, body strength, and strength of mind. With the thorn rune present, your enemy cannot stand, be it ignorance or frost giant.


Thurisaz Power

Thor governs this rune, with Mjolnir in hand. Wisdom and Awareness are the lessons of this rune, the shining light that will see you through the darkness of ignorance.

Before the thorn, all things crumble. It will pierce the veil of ignorance, crumble the hard soil to prepare for the seed, and clear away fear and ignorance so that enthusiasm may grow in its place.

The Thurs represents tools, both the handle of the simple spade and the haft of the mighty axe that is used to strike down one’s enemy.

Thurisaz Rune Magic

Thorn will fire you through creation, giving you the clear light and energy to pursue the goals you would see complete. When you are pursuing your goals, Thorn will sit like a burr in your saddle, pushing you forward with the need to complete it.

So also is the energy of Thurs; it is a gateway rune. Power like water behind a dam, directed through a turbine it will generate electricity that can be put to useful work, but break the damn, and it will lay waste to all that lay before it.

Thurisaz – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Psychological Problems, Complexities Of Aggression, Confusion, Destruction By Natural Forces, Conflicts, Disputes, Trouble, Loki, Lightning


thurisaz merkstaveThe Merkstave Thorn rune, burning arrow of the clouds. Deep within the mind, the trouble brews, unseen by those without. Are you watching for the deceiver in the brush?

The Kinsmen turn upon each other around the hearth, like wolves upon the last drops of ruby rain in winter. There is no resolution, and all words are swords; none are salves.

Thurisaz Protection

When the Thurisaz rune comes in the dark, the seer must divine the way; the lightning crashes through the heavens and sets the forests afire. The mountains roar as their white locks rumble down over the cliffs and valleys to crush the longhouse beneath its tresses. Beware the Merkstave Thorn, and it is energy undirected, chaos unleashed.

When the Merkstave Thurs rune appears, one must take care with acts of aggression, and their underlying complexities will turn around like a snake upon itself.

In your mind, it will twist in the shadows, bringing up those thorns that will dig into you, breaking down the strength within; with the Merkstave rune in place, one must guard against these. Be warned.

What does Thurisaz Runes Symbolize?

According to the Thurisaz symbol, you need to learn ways to discover every principle for adjusting to change so that it will benefit you and the people around your surroundings. In other words, it is necessary to discover some practical methods that will give you an added advantage to fulfill certain purposes. Therefore, it is time to implement specific plans that will make you see change as the arrival of an opportunity. Besides, if you need to move forward in life, then you have to appreciate every change that you meet in life, be heath positive or negative. Remember that both positive and negative change will all serve one purpose in life.

Thurisaz Rune Meaning Love

If you want to be happy with your life, then you have to become a friend to change rather than your enemy. As per Thurisaz rune’s meaning, some changes happen in life because of a particular and positive reason in your life. When it comes to love matters, people tend to change their perspective because of the people they allow in their lives.


Generally, Thurisaz meaning motivates you to move forward as you initiate every desired change in your life. Specifically, you need to respond to every change positively and make it an opportunity for another phase of life.

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