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Six Of Cups: Always Reflect On Your Journey

Six Of Cups

Finding time to go through your past and feel some encouragement is what you have to be doing. The six of cups is asking you of the past that sets the pace for your changing life. Do something that you are sure will help you in making the right moves in your reunion part. The six of cups reversed mainly focus on the future things that will not have the correct impact. But you have to once or twice look at life from a different angle.


Additionally, the six cups upright give you the go-ahead signal and will be the source of your happiness. You have to reconsider the options that give you the right feelings in your life. Besides, the ten of cups love is lining something special for you, and you will have to work on the slim work frame to achieve the love that will last for long. Seize on those opportunities that you are sure will be helping you gain the right confidence and success.

Six Of Chalice’s Career

Whatever you do to make a living and make you comfortable will be the source of your happiness in the right way. Chances are many, and it’s your option to take advantage of what works best for your life. As per the six of cups, yes or no, you have to link on something that is helping you to achieve your goals. Associate with something you are sure will help you in making positive steps. Go against the negative forces that may disrupt your harmony.


Furthermore, the six-cup tarot guide will be there to squeeze in good notions that you are sure will help you get far with your ambitions. Be calculative and look for great things that we reflect on your final list. The Six of Cups on the Future is something that should be encouraging you to look into your channels of success. But the six-cup symbol functions well to link you to something that will help you succeed in life. So, do to feel embarrassed with what you do bring food to the table. Appreciate it and ensure you do your best.

Six of Goblet Meanings in A Tarot Reading

The Six of Cups indicates that our time of trials in this path is over, like all sixes in the Minor Arcana. It is that step past our hardships and onto recovery and our ultimate final victory.


It represents pleasant memories, nostalgia, and a return to innocence. We have found our way to a place of comfort and security but must be cautious, for it can also find us trapped in the past and dragging our feet.


Childhood • Pleasure • Innocence • Good Will • Reunion • Nostalgia • Joy

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

The Six of Cups in the upright position indicates that we have finally moved on and come into our recovery. Finally, finally, we have found a child-like joy in life.


We are feeling soothed, comforted, and complete. The journey is far from over, but we have found a place of peace and comfort to rest our feet before we travel on.

six of cupsSix of Cups upright corresponds to kindness and innocence. Past incidents and associations will please you. New prospects and friendships will bring you happiness. You may realize a long-cherished dream and receive a surprise gift from an admirer.

Six of Cups upright may also symbolize that you are entering a new phase in your life with its strings attached to the past, and this link will work to create a magnificent future for you. However, steer clear from living in a world of the past and do not let your unlimited aspirations create a barrier to achieving your present objectives.

Past Events:

You’ve been in a moment of peace, resting and recovering from a long road. The time of rest has been necessary after a difficult time, and you’ve known contentment you’ve not felt in a long time.

Present Events:

This is a time of rest and recovery; enjoy it while it lasts. There are no negative portents for the future ahead. But it is time for you to prepare for the rest of your journey, for it’s far from over. So take your time, refuel your batteries, and prepare for the next stages.

Future Events:

You’ve almost reached a resting point, and it’s not far ahead. Just continue forward, and you’ll find the much-needed rest you are coming around the corner. When it arrives, it’ll be a long and peaceful period before it’s time for you to journey on.

Yes, No Interpretation for Six of Cups Upright:

Yes, you are free to rest at this time. You’ve been through some things, but they’re over, and it’s time to recuperate.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed

The Six of Cups reversed indicates that you are having trouble letting go of the events of your pastor and that you are hung up on the goals you thought you’d have reached by now and haven’t. six of cups reversed

When this card is in attendance, it means that you are disappointed in your progress.

Six of Cups in the reversed position symbolizes a penchant for living in the past. It refers to you as a person who loves adhering to past habits and customs considered outdated in the present scenario.

You are extremely nostalgic about your past achievements and success. However, this stubbornness to stick to the past, which will never return, may act as an enormous obstacle to your future success.

Also, you would be unable to appreciate the present scenario and prepare yourself to take optimum advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Past Events:

The events of your past are hanging with you and haunting you on a day-to-day basis. This could be a new series of events or an old one brought up by recent events. Either way, it would serve you to make sure that you deal with these lest they continue to hold you down.

Present Events:

I know you’re frustrated; you just haven’t been making the progress you’ve hoped you would. So, you were supposed to be somewhere by now; you were supposed to be someone. But you haven’t quite reached your goals yet.

Don’t let these feelings hold you back, reassess, redirect, and realize that every moment and energy you spend worrying about what you haven’t done is one less bit of energy you can spend on making it better!

Future Events:

There is a profound disappointment in your future. The thing you’ve been striving for isn’t quite going to turn out how you hope, and it’s going to be a difficult thing for you to accept. It will be a difficult transition in learning to fit your life around that failure. Be prepared with alternative plans and goals so you can move past this barrier.

Yes, No Interpretation for Six of Cups Reversed:

Yes! You are ready, you are able, and it’s not a dead end. Keep moving forward until it comes to fruition. Cease worrying about what’s already past.


Six cups talk of something that helped you reach your right now or aspiring to achieve. The success that you want to accomplish will come from positive motivation from the past.

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The Zodiac Sign for Ace of Cups is Scorpio

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