Sunday, October 2, 2022

Venus Retrograde And Mars Ingress – Time for Contemplation

Venus Retrograde – Time for Contemplation

With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, we have been confronted with some dark inner struggles this month. Although Venus is beginning to emerge from the underworld she is still deep in personal love and money metamorphosis.

There seems to be a good amount of frustration with relationships and finances, as well with how the elections are shaping up (where is the CHANGE we want to see, already?) The good news is that whatever you’ve been going through all month is about to shift somewhat.

Midway through Venus’ retrograde period, she backtracks over the Sun, and this affects the second part of her journey before she turns direct (Nov 18th). When Venus starts to rise in the morning before the sun, it’s like the Sun is pushing her up, supporting her from underneath. She becomes Venus as “morning star”, which means she can start to be seen in the morning before the sun rises.

This is traditionally a feisty warrior version of the feminine; where she begins to act on the power she has reclaimed in the underworld. Several astrologers say now is a time to move forward – I’d like to add “with caution” at this time (and not just because I am Cancerian ).

Mars In Sagittarius

Mars has just moved into Sagittarius and we may feel like enthusiastically leaping headfirst into new territory, without looking. Mars into any fire sign is going to activate a part of our vitality that seeks expression. In Sagittarius he takes on the role of the adventurous crusader, fighting for truth and freedom. Right now with Venus still retrograde, it would be wise to proceed with care in terms of relations and finances.

When Mars enters Sagittarius after saturation in deep Scorpio waters he is all about freedom and exploration. There’s a degree of flexibility that is welcome but we are still dealing with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio. Keep a sense of adventure about you, in your endeavors. Relationships and finance issues are still being worked through – this is shifting at the moment, but do not expect instant change.

From what I hear a lot of us have been attempting to run through romantic and fiscal molasses, and right now it would be beneficial to give these situations some time and only push on them where there’s give. After their romance in the dark wood last month, Venus and Mars are almost a full sign away from each other now (Scorpio-Sagittarius) and are involved in different pursuits. This can feel like quite a test.

Mars is enthusiastically pushing forward into new territory and Venus is backtracking to clean up the ….. and she still needs space to comb through the muck to understand which self-states she has neglected or let slip out of balance with others (which is a focus for the duration of her retrograde cycle). Stop staring after Mars and let go for now. Venus will be primed for her adventures and will be a little more relational coming up, especially when she turns direct on the same day as Jupiter next month!

Also, the asteroid Juno (representing partnership bonds and commitment) moved into Virgo on October 3rd for an extended 10 month(!) stay; a dry and austere place for Juno to be. This is a very long time for Juno to be in a sign because it will turn retrograde at the last degree of Virgo and have to go through the whole sign again.

A room must be made for self-improvement and a creative relationship to our inner selves. This will help all of us balance our relationship issues (as Saturn in Libra has been pressing us to do) and is essential for our wholeness as individuals.

Attending to this will allow us to approach our relations from a more personally solid and authentic place when Juno moves into Libra next year. Take some time to explore what feeds you and what you need to do to feel complete and whole within you. Here’s your chance to cultivate yourself into the person that your ideal mate would want as a mirror. How can you better show up for YOURSELF first?

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