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Top Powerful Questions For A Tarot Reader

What Questions Should You Ask A Tarot Reader

Many people consult the tarot readers, thinking they can answer all their questions. Well, if you are that kind of a person, you are doing it wrong. Asking the right questions is important for a good tarot reading. So, what makes a good question? Best questions elicit information that empowers you to make the best decisions, are open-minded, and provide a room to explore various possibilities and options. With this in mind, here are the top powerful questions to ask a tarot reader.


What to ask before you book a tarot reading

Before you visit your tarot reader, you need to clear things out by asking various questions. Medium/ Tarot/psychic readers are different in how they deal with people and their abilities. While others are optimistic by nature, others will spell doom on any question you ask. Therefore, you need to know what questions to ask before you book reading. Having that in mind, here are some suggestions.


How much is a tarot reading

This should be the first question you ask. Different readers charge different rates. This may depend on the location or even the services offered. In any case, you want to get value for your money. The best question in this situation is, therefore, what you would get for your money.

If there are other services on top of tarot reading, the price may go higher. Other services may include a recording of your session with the reader or ongoing support. Make sure you understand everything before you commit yourself.


Is my future fixed with a Tarot reading?

Well, some futures can be sickening, especially if you cannot change them. For instance, you ask your reader what you can do to get a promotion in your place of work. And, to your surprise, the reader tells you that you will never get a promotion! This can be heartbreaking.

Ask your reader if any reading you get about your future can be changed. Remember, your future is in your hands, and you can change it depending on how you approach any situation. However, some futures are fixed while others are not. Asking if yours is fixed is a fundamental question.


Scary stuff

Being told that you will never get love in your life can be scary. However, it is not as scary as being told about things you cannot control, such as physical death, doom, accidents, or destruction. Ask the Tarot reader whether he or she will tell you about such scary things before you book. Remember, if you are not comfortable, you should walk away. It is a free world and what matters the most is your intuition. So listen to your intuition carefully.

Now you have booked a reading. What questions will you ask the reader, and how will you phrase them so that you get the most out of them? Here is how to go about it.

The question gives useful information

The reason you consulted a reader is to get some information that will help you improve your life. The best way to get useful information is to ask the questions that will accomplish that goal. To do this, avoid the “will” or “when” type of questions. Rather ask, “What can I do” or “How can I” type of questions. Such questions give you valuable insights that can guide you toward improving your life. Again, these types of questions create a positive and proactive mindset that eliminates the desperation vibe.

Open-ended questions

Many people visiting tarot readers are anxious about knowing things. Therefore, they tend to ask questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer. These types of questions are referred to as close-ended questions. The problem is that such types of questions bar the reader from explaining or giving a deep reflection of the situation. Asking open-ended questions allows the reader to offer more interesting insights.

Instead of asking, “Will, I find a lover?” ask, “What has been preventing me from getting a lover, and how can I solve the problem?”. You will notice that in the first question, you force the reader to answer “yes” or “no.” While in the second question, you have given the reader room to explain the answer they give. Therefore, the question invites a deeper reflection. Avoid asking questions starting with should… Will…, or when. Instead, ask why…, how…, what kind of question.

Follow-up questions for a tarot reader

Follow-up questions are important since they allow you to get more insight into a given topic. The questions explore different elements of a specific question. Therefore, a question such as “How can I align my soul with my love?” can be broken into various questions such as:

  • What is my soul’s purpose?
  • What love activities bring me closer to the purpose of my soul?

As you follow up on the question, you get more information to understand your situation better.

Questions that focus on yourself rather than others

The biggest mistake many people make while reading tarot is concentrating so much on other people and forgetting that it was meant for them. At times, you can ask questions about others but, try to focus on yourself. Consider the following questions:

  • What are the causes of John’s drinking problem?
  • What role have I played in John’s drinking problem?
  • How can I help John with his drinking problem?

As you can see, the first question focuses solely on someone else – John and his drinking problem. However, you have focused on yourself in the second and third questions.

The questions should be Neutral

Try to remain as neutral as possible while asking your question. It is tempting to ask questions that show your position as the right one. However, in such a situation, you will not get effective guidance. Try to be open to another perspective. Consider the following questions:

You can notice that in the first question, the person feels that their position is right while their lover is wrong. The question is not neutral. However, the second question is more open-ended and neutral. The person asking it needs a solution that involves all parties.

Again, such types of questions show that are positive about improving your situation.

Precise and detailed questions for a tarot reader

Be precise while asking questions. However, provide ample details that will help the reader give you more insight into your situation. Note that if you ask vague questions, you will get vague answers. Being clear about your situation helps the reader connect the dots and find the best tarot that describes your situation. Having this in mind, write and read your questions to make sure they are detailed but comprehensible. If you cannot understand the question, the reader will not understand them too.


There you have it. For your next visit to the tarot reader, ask yourself if I am asking the right questions. Are my question open-ended, gives useful information, are they neutral, and precise? If yes, proceed to book a reading. Remember, if you ask the right questions, you will get the right information.

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