Dragon Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Dragon Animal Totem Symbolism

The dragon is a powerful and dynamic spiritual totem with a wide range of qualities, attributes, and lessons to be taught. Dragons symbolize strength and courage and come to us when we require these abilities most.

We may be in a state of vulnerability, and this creature comes to us to be our rock, making them a powerful ally and great support system. They embody complete balance and control, making them the master of all of the physical elements: fire, wind, water, and Earth.

The Dragon spirit guide has symbolized primal power, mystery, and wonder through ancient history and across many cultures, in addition to being considered a great and wise guardian angel and guide. As such, the dragon symbol calls upon us to look inside ourselves and view the world from a more mystical and wondrous lens. It encourages communication and introspection and implores us to consciously reach out to it frequently.

In Chinese zodiac and culture, dragons are of the utmost symbolic importance. They are the ultimate symbol of energy and are regarded as bearers of good luck and fortune for individuals and the family unit. In general, the dragon is a powerful creature that stands for new beginnings, and it is one of the four pivotal creatures of the world’s directions. They have the power to nurse parched land back to health by manipulating the element of water, providing relief and subsequent abundance to people.

As a paramount animal totem, the dragon also signifies achievement, success, and prosperity. More specifically, an ancient Chinese legend states that an emperor observed eight strong hills dividing Hong Kong from the mainland.

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Fittingly, he deemed the mainland the “the land of nine dragons”, including himself in the list. These nine dragons each carry their own symbolism and serve different purposes. With so many positive and mighty qualities, it should be obvious why this compelling creature is so revered.

Dragon Associated Traits

Power, Mystery, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Good Luck, Fortune,


Symbolic Meaning Of Dragon

If the dragon animal guide crosses your path, it is declaring a time of new adventures and journeys in your life. These journeys can be both physical and spiritual and will assist you in directing your creativity. The energy and efforts that you put in now are crucial to your future – after all, you reap what you sow.

As the dragon symbolic meanings show, you are gifted with strong survival instincts and are capable of moving through life with very little. Utilize this and allow time for meditation. Take a journey within yourself to clarify your intentions and goals. The changes that you make in your life will be long-lasting, so make sure that you are sure of the path you choose to take.

Like the dragon animal totem, you are blessed with a great inner confidence and focus, but you must exercise them in order to reap the benefits. Although you know how to be decisive for quick action, sometimes you must slow down and reflect.

Dedicate yourself to it and you will see powerful rewards. You mustn’t be afraid to walk alone if need be- trust yourself. Your fierce passion for life will not steer you wrong.

As a bold and self-reliant person, the dragon symbolism shows that you may go through life feeling that you know what is best for you. While this is surely true most of the time, you must be open to other options. When a dragon visits your dreams, it is telling you that you need to be more flexible in your thinking and decision-making.

Life is not concrete and your path does not need to be black and white. There are always alternatives and you should, at the very least, consider them. A dragon symbol in your dream also reiterates the necessity of taking advantage of opportunities when they choose to present themselves.

This particular dragon animal totem may come when you are experiencing fear over these potential changes. Even if they seem a bit intimidating, you must remember your own gifts and qualities and call upon them. The agility and stealth you posses will help you get what you want.

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