Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy Symbols & Meanings

There are a lot of mysterious things in this world, and one of the most mysterious things might be the study of alchemy. Alchemy was a pseudoscience that was studied hundreds of years ago.

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You may have heard that alchemists tried to turn other metals into gold or tried to make a sort of elixir of life. While these were missions that the alchemists had, the study was actually much more than that. Much of the work of the alchemists gave way to modern day chemistry. However, unlike chemistry, this type of study also gave way to mysterious symbolism as well.

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Some of the Elements

The elements were highly important to the alchemists. One of the most important elements to the alchemists was gold and silver. Gold was a sort of symbol of purity or perfection. It was exactly what the alchemists were aiming for. It was their highest goal. Some other important elements with symbolic meanings were iron, tin, and zinc. Iron was said to symbolize abundance because the metal is so common. It can also symbolize male energy. Tin and zinc both worked well in reactions that the alchemists were trying to get. They worked well as symbols for productivity and reaction.

Seal of Solomon

The religious Seal of Solomon was also important to the ancient alchemists. This sign is used as the religious symbol for the Jewish people. It has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. However, the alchemists look at this symbol in a different way than the Jewish people do. This symbol is looked at as being made up of the symbols for the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. This symbol was made up of the four most important symbolic elements. These elements were highly important when it came to the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, which makes the Seal of Solomon a highly important alchemical symbol.

Sun and Moon Meanings

In astrology, the sun and moon are also considered to be planets. While the alchemists may not have always agreed with this, but these “planets” were also highly important to them as well. The sun symbol was said to symbolize the element gold, which shares many of gold’s symbolism as well.

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Many people used to worship the sun, which gives it a sort of powerful and creative symbolism as well. The sun usually has male energy connected to it while the moon has more feminine energy. The moon is related to silver. Emotions, mystery, and the occult are often related to the moon symbolism.

Caduceus Symbolism

The Caduceus is the symbol that often looks like two snakes wrapped around a pole. This symbol was later modified to be the symbol for health that we often see in hospitals today. The Caduceus is also related to the planet Mercury.

The snakes in this symbol are said to be fighting each other. They are of equal strength and power though. Neither snake every wins, they are in constant battle, but they are also in constant balance. Balance, being the main symbolism for this symbol.

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