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Magpie Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Forgive And Move On

Magpie Spirit Animal Totem Symbolism

The graceful magpie spirit animal is a vivid and high-spirited creature, flying through life with unpredictability and quirky character. This has led to the bird’s spiritual symbolism being highly varied. The magpie animal totem is opportunistic, intellectual, perceptive, flashy yet refined, social, expressive, and communicative. The contrasting nature of some of these attributes demonstrates the diversity of this creature’s character.

This bird is present in (and even the star of) many cultural beliefs and stories. In Asia, the magpie is viewed in an attractive and positive light. Both the Chinese and the Koreans view it as a sign of good luck, foreshadowing a joyful marriage, sexual happiness, and long-lasting fortune and abundance.


The Chinese also believe the call of a magpie to signify the near arrival of family and/or friends. Across the world, the magpie animal spirit played a role in ancient Rome as the symbol of the god of wine, signifying high intellect and the power of reasoning. Native American tribes also considered the magpie to be extremely intelligent but did not discount its apparent flaws.

These people believed the magpie animal guide used its intelligence and cunning in deceptive ways, playing tricks on others. However, they did not condemn these tricks as malicious, recognizing the good-natured and light-hearted intentions of the gentle bird.


Even the Europeans recognized the symbolic meanings of the magpie, though their interpretation was slightly different. The various peoples of this continent took the magpie to be an omen of things to come, dependent entirely on the symbolism of the number of them seen at a time.

Magpie Associated Traits

Opportunistic, Flashy, Perceptive, Intellectual, Social, Communicative, Cunning, and Deception.

Magpie Spirit Animal

Magpie spirit animal reveals that you do not have to carry out an act of revenge against people who wrong you or make you feel bad in life. Learn to forgive, sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually come back to apologize to you once they realize their mistakes. What goes around always comes around.


This animal is always passionate about improving what it does. Magpie’s meaning indicates that you should also be passionate about improving your life. Focusing on your own life will help you not have time to judge, hate, argue, criticize, and gossip about others.

Magpie Totem Animal

The Magpie totem reminds you of the benefit of keeping true friends for a long time. You can find it easy to make many friends in one year. But keeping one friend for many years is special.


This creature carries the energy of many interactions. The Magpie animal totem signifies that you should not feel bad for being single. Singlehood is not a guarantee of loneliness. You can still take yourself out to eat and buy yourself good stuff. Create good times by yourself.

Magpie symbolism teaches you that knowing how to take care of yourself makes the company an option and not necessary. It would help if you did not allow people to control your life the way they want. Have principles and firm stands on what you know is right.

magpie spirit animal

Magpie Power Animal

What do magpies symbolize? The presence of magpies symbolizes that there are no forces without reactions. They bring out the karma lessons. Always keep your environment positive. What you give is always what you will get in equal measure. Always say good words because you expect good words to be said to you. Think good thoughts so that they can transform into good actions. Do good deeds for everyone.

Seeing a magpie’s meaning illustrates that there are people who will only love you for what you have. They will be close to you as long as they are using you. Have true friends who will not end their loyalty to you once they benefit from you.

Native American Magpie Symbolic Meanings

People considered Native American symbols and meanings for the magpies to bring sacred messages from the creator. People in the Hopi and Pueblo tribes trusted the magpie to be a directional guardian in the east. They believed white-striped magpies meant to be a loyal friend to humans in some tribes, warning them of danger.

The meaning of magpie does not lack negative traits. Some tribes believed that the magpie was a sign of gossip and a busybody that would always annoy the other animals. Seeing this animal should always remind you to make peace with others.

Magpie As A Celtic Animal Symbol

Magpie portrays different types of news in Celtic lore. News is interpreted by the number of birds one can see. If one sees four magpies, that’s a sign of good news but seeing one magpie was a sign of bad luck.
What are Magpie Dreams?

Magpie appearing in your dream tells you that people will not want to support you at the start of your project. But once you start succeeding, they will all run to you and want to be associated with your success. Magpie symbolism assures you that those kinds of people are pretenders. Do not tolerate them in your life.

Magpie spirit will always teach you not to fake your lifestyle. You will have good days and bad days in life. There are days when you will feel broke. That is how life is. You need to understand when you are feeling high and when you are feeling low. Nothing should ever stop you from going on with your life.

Symbolic Meaning Of Magpie

When a magpie spirit totem comes into your life, it reminds you to nurture your spiritual side. Our modern world is obsessed with materialism, and the magpie is there to get us back on track when we become distracted. We cannot be fulfilled and satisfied when we are caught up in unimportant details and must follow our true calling to get where we want to be.

It is important for us to periodically re-evaluate our priorities and examine the steps we take to remain on our chosen path. Allow your mind to remain open, and the magpie animal guide can lead you toward your true potential. Fly like the magpie toward a world of opportunity.

The magpie symbol might be a suitable animal totem for you if you believe in taking some risk. It would help if you were open to charging to the front lines in all your tasks and endeavors, forcefully defending your dreams and ambitions no matter what others believe.

However, the magpie symbolism reminds you to be calculated in your risk-taking. Differentiate when is the right time to swoop in and fight and when you should stop and contemplate all of the details. Be fearless in the face of adversity, but only put yourself in that situation if you know it is worth it.

What Is The Meaning Of Magpie Dreams?

Magpies may fly into your dreams when you are experiencing dissatisfaction in your life. This could be due to a disagreement with someone in your life, and you need to be careful with your words. Someone may misinterpret your intentions, and you don’t want to hurt someone that you care about.

Additionally, the magpie’s presence in your dreams could signify feelings of threat and insecurity in your relationships. Therefore, it may, unfortunately, be time for you to reassess your role in that relationship. If change seems too much for the relationship to bear, maybe it is not worth having.

A flying magpie symbol suggests that you have resolved an issue that has long bothered you, so you may take solace in knowing that you made the right, albeit difficult, decision. Lastly, you may consider the old proverb concerning magpies when they enter your consciousness: “One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, and four for a birth.”

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