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Spirituality and Life – How To Achieve The Impossible

Life and Spirituality

When I started down this path  of spirituality that I call my grown-up life I was “winging it.” In fact, I prided myself on my ability to simply see where the wind took me. Sometimes the wind was feeling generous and I was earning 6 figures, honing my powerhouse skills and sometimes the wind seemed fickle and jealous and I was hunting pennies out of the communal group-house couch to pay for bus fare.


At some point, I realized that maybe a plan was in order. I wanted to look back on my life and say it was all worthwhile and that I’d not only made a great living but that I’d made a difference for anyone who came after me. Problem was, I had no freaking clue how to do that.


Create a Daily Space for Grace

I bought books. I talked to life coaches. And, I sought out psychics, guides, and teachers. Some were hokey and some were well-meaning but starving themselves. Others didn’t seem all that interested in me and my life mission. There was one theme running through all these attempts at finding answers, though.


It seemed that there was no way I could find my bearings and leave the world a better place unless I committed to some sort of daily practice. It can meditation, prayer, contemplation, yoga, or journaling, the message was insistent. Create a daily space for grace and the Divine and Spirit will not disappoint.


Admittedly, I tend to go full throttle in one area of my life while letting all the other bits flutter in the wind. So in the process of creating a spiritual practice, I did my utmost best to let go of (or dare) everything else in my life that I’d been clinging to (you know – money, real estate, etc).

It’s a bizarre laser vision I get when some new idea hits and it’s been the basis of many massive learning opportunities in my life. However, it’s also been the cause of pain, frustration, and more than a few moments of martyrdom and falling out of alignment with my own integrity.

Fitting Spirituality into Life

My attempt to fit spirituality into my life has all the makings of a Great American Novel. Characters appeared in my life to challenge my beliefs, to lead me astray, and to seemingly promise nirvana. Inner doubt combined with a flair for drama led me to believe that simply “letting go” of everything material would be a path to peace and wholeness. Creating a persona that was “above” money while still salivating longingly after pretty things and experiences of others. This brought up all my issues around scarcity, integrity, and worth.

New Emotion and New Wisdom

Every step of the process brought a new emotion and new wisdom. I learned to accept my need for material things and outer symbols of success. I learned to genuinely breathe in joy when I discovered a new flowering tree in my neighborhood. The process has come full circle when I learn to take a no-excuses approach to my challenges. I hold my clients accountable for their own crap too.

My spiritual journey teaches me that it’s not something for Sunday afternoons or silent retreats only. Spirituality is part of my birthright and my daily life. It’s part of my business and it’s part of how I’m supposed to be on a daily basis. I’ve learned that a spiritual practice can be raucous and loud and quiet and awe-inspired. I’ve learned that my tears and my fear and my laughter and my connection with animals are part of the practice.

The Spiritual Journey

Most importantly, I know that everyone I meet, from the barista at my coffee shop to the rude, annoying, and disrespectful office manager at a Doctor’s office is part of the process. They are part of my spiritual journey. My gift is being able to integrate the body, mind, and spiritual wisdom in the entirety of my days and nights.

Your opportunity to create your spiritual practice in 15 minutes today. Let go of everything and everyone else you think you need to be successful. I’m not talking about shunning people, being rude or disrespectful of course. But I am being serious in challenging you to face yourself. Ask yourself.

“If I were a completely spiritual being with a regular spiritual practice, who would I have to be?” “What would I have to do?”

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